Fleet Primary School School Travel Plan Consultation

Closed 7 Jan 2011

Opened 26 Nov 2010

Results expected 7 Feb 2011


The council carried out a consultation to obtain the views of the public on its proposal to introduce a School Travel Plan scheme in the area around Fleet Primary and Nursery School.

The school has around 233 pupils aged from 3 – 11, with the school located on Fleet Road, which is part of a one way system leading down to South End Road.  A vast majority of the pupils live within 1 mile distance of the school, a great percentage of which walk hence would use a number of the roads in the vicinity on their journey to/from school.

Safety issues were brought to the Council’s attention which the school felt required addressing which would help make roads like Fleet Road, Parkhill Road, Cressy Road and Lawn Road safer for pupils and parents/carers to use on their route to and from the school.

Why We Are Consulting

A travel plan contains information on the school, travel modes used by children on their daily journey to school, road safety issues experienced by school/pupils/parents/carers on their travel to/from school and set targets to reduce car trips to/from school.

As part of the School Travel Plan initiative, Camden requires schools to submit a school travel plan before we pay for any engineering measures.

The consultation proposals were to:

  • Implement new traffic island on Cressy Road junction with Fleet Road, to help provide safer crossing facilities;
  • Implement new kerb build-out on Lawn Road, junction with Fleet Road to reduce speeds of vehicles exiting Lawn Road.
  • Implement new kerb build-out on Parkhill Road junction with Fleet Road to reduce speeds of vehicles entering Parkhill Road and also to provide safer crossing facilities.

What Happens Next

While it has not been possible to reply to individual respondents, all comments were taken into account. The Assistant Director of Culture and Environment (Public Realm and Sustainability) would make a decision whether or not to proceed with the scheme and the outcome of the consultation and the Council’s decision would be available within three months of the consultation period ending, where possible.

If agreed, the measures proposed would be undertaken in 2011/12,  subject to the necessary funding being available.

Further details of the consultation outcome is available from:

Christopher G Smith


Engineering Service

London Borough of Camden

Tel: 020 7974 6855

Email: Christopher.smith@camden.gov.uk


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