Cartmel residents survey: Hampstead Road Bridge options

Closed 15 Sep 2016

Opened 26 Aug 2016

Feedback updated 4 Nov 2016

We asked

We asked residents of Cartmel for their views on HS2 Ltd’s options for Hampstead Road Bridge and information about their households.

You said

77% of the 69 households in Cartmel responded to the survey. Key findings included:

  • 85% of residents are aware of HS2 Ltd’s original proposal to raise the level of Hampstead Road by approximately 4.7 metres.
  • Opinion is divided on whether residents would prefer to stay living in their homes if HS2 Ltd took forward their recommended proposal of a heightened bridge up to 4.2 metres – 47% stated they would prefer to stay and 43% would prefer to move.
  • 72% of residents would support an alternative option to HS2 Ltd’s current proposal that would involve the demolition of Cartmel.
  • Over half of tenants (58%) would prefer not to move at all if they had to move more than once, and most want to stay in their local area.
  • 44% of tenants indicated they would be happy to move to any part of Camden. 

We did

These findings will be represented in any future negotiations with HS2 Ltd. At the time of writing, HS2 Ltd has made no commitment to taking forward any specific alternative to their proposed option.

However, just before the Council appeared at the House of Lords Select Committee in September, HS2 Ltd provided an assurance that it will consider a wider range of options proposed by the Council for the design of the replacement bridge, providing they do not impact on the safe and economic delivery of the works.

Discussions with HS2 Ltd about Cartmel and Hampstead Road Bridge may continue over several months. The Council will consult Cartmel residents about any alternative proposals for Hampstead Road Bridge that affect their homes before any decisions are taken by the Council. The Council also scheduled a drop in session for Cartmel residents in November 2016 to discuss HS2 Ltd’s Hampstead Road Bridge proposals.    

Results updated 21 Oct 2016



Camden Council opposes plans for High Speed 2 (HS2) as currently proposed. If the Government does go ahead with the scheme, Camden is committed to fighting for the best deal for our communities.

A major concern we have is with the proposed works to Hampstead Road between Robert Street and Mornington Crescent. HS2 Ltd has proposed to increase the road level by up to 4.7 metres (approximately 1.5 storeys) to bridge over existing and proposed railway lines. We have always been concerned about the impact this would have on residents living in Cartmel. 

HS2 Ltd carried out a study to assess options for minimising the height increase of the Hampstead Road Bridge in order to reduce the impact on residents. Despite the Council pushing HS2 Ltd to engage with residents on alternative solutions they published their recommendations on 22 July 2016. 

As published in the study, HS2 Ltd’s recommended option for the new Hampstead Road Bridge would mean the road will be at a height of between 3.7 metres and 4.2 metres (approximately) above the existing road level outside Cartmel, approximately 8.5 metres away.

There is another option that HS2 Ltd has rejected which moves Hampstead Road Bridge approximately 15 metres further away from Euston Station. This option would reduce the level of the road by approximately half a metre and would be constructed up to 18 months quicker with no temporary utilities diversions. It does however need the residents of Cartmel to move out as the block would have to be demolished.

There have been no decisions to take forward this option and you are not required to move out of your home.

The Council would like to understand your views about the two main options so we can represent these in future negotiations with HS2 Ltd. However, we must make it clear, there are no guarantees that HS2 Ltd will reconsider an alternative option but we think it is important to put forward your views and have your opinions heard. 

We would like your views on the following: 

  1. If you would prefer to stay with noise insulation (secondary glazing and ventilation) installed to your home (HS2 Ltd’s Option 8); or
  2. If you would support an alternative that meant Cartmel was demolished.

The information collected in this survey will be strictly used for these purposes and will not be passed on to anybody not connected with this survey.

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