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Open Consultations

  • Better Homes 5 year programme consultation

    The Better Homes Programme (2021-2025), has now been produced from the recent stock condition surveys carried out across the borough. Camden Council would like to share this programme with you and consult with resident groups. We are seeking ways to improve the delivery of these planned... More

    Closes 10 April 2020

  • Secure Cycle Parking Lissenden Gardens, NW5

    Have your Say. Proposed Secure Cycle Parking Units in Lissenden Gardens, NW5 We are writing to let you know that Camden Council is proposing to install two ‘cycle hangars’ on Lissenden Gardens, NW5. You can find details of the proposal ... More

    Closes 10 April 2020

  • Tybalds regeneration programme - Formal consultation

    Tybalds estate regeneration programme: Formal consultation on Tybalds regeneration proposals This is a formal consultation on the proposals for regeneration of the Tybalds Estate in Holborn. IMPORTANT NEWS: This consultation originally ran from Tuesday 25 February until Tuesday 24... More

    Closes 20 April 2020

  • HS2 Green Space Improvements- Round 2

    We acknowledge that these are difficult times and the impact of the coronavirus outbreak is of immediate concern to everyone. However, we are planning for the future and would like to hear from as many residents and community organisations as possible about green space improvements in your... More

    Closes 11 May 2020

  • Starting Solids Follow up

    Thank you for attending the Starting Solids Session, please complete the following short survey to let us know when you introduced food to your baby. More

    Closes 29 May 2020

Closed Consultations

  • Camden LEN: Camden High Street Public Perception Survey

    We want to understand how Camden High Street is currently used. This engagement survey is open to local residents, businesses, landowners, people who work in the area, community groups and anyone with an interest in the area. More

    Closed 1 April 2020

  • Building Control Customer Satisfaction Survey 1-20

    Building Control operates in a competitive market to provide the building regulation service for every building project. The service is customer focused and responds to the changing needs of its customers. The building control team ensures that building work meets specific requirements... More

    Closed 31 March 2020

  • Abbey2 Planning submission

    We have been consulting on the designs for the new community centre and helath centre buildings in the Abbey Area development. The designs shown here are the scheme that we intend to submit for planning permission. We welcome your comments More

    Closed 31 March 2020

  • Draft Site Allocations Local Plan

    Camden is growing, and it’s essential we respond to that growth in a way that benefits our whole community. That’s why Camden Council is developing a new Site Allocations Local Plan for Camden. The Plan identifies a number key development sites and areas across the borough and sets out... More

    Closed 27 March 2020

  • Parking and Healthy Streets Consultation in CA-G, Somers Town, Controlled Parking Zone

    We would like your views on the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) hours of operation in your zone (CA-G, Somers Town) and other "Healthy Streets*" improvements you might like to see in your area. As parking controls and other healthy streets improvements can affect anybody living in or visiting... More

    Closed 27 March 2020

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

We asked residents of Cartmel for their views on HS2 Ltd’s options for Hampstead Road Bridge and information about their households.

You Said

77% of the 69 households in Cartmel responded to the survey. Key findings included:

  • 85% of residents are aware of HS2 Ltd’s original proposal to raise the level of Hampstead Road by approximately 4.7 metres.
  • Opinion is divided on whether residents would prefer to stay living in their homes if HS2 Ltd took forward their recommended proposal of a heightened bridge up to 4.2 metres – 47% stated they would prefer to stay and 43% would prefer to move.
  • 72% of residents would support an alternative option to HS2 Ltd’s current proposal that would involve the demolition of Cartmel.
  • Over half of tenants (58%) would prefer not to move at all if they had to move more than once, and most want to stay in their local area.
  • 44% of tenants indicated they would be happy to move to any part of Camden. 

We Did

These findings will be represented in any future negotiations with HS2 Ltd. At the time of writing, HS2 Ltd has made no commitment to taking forward any specific alternative to their proposed option.

However, just before the Council appeared at the House of Lords Select Committee in September, HS2 Ltd provided an assurance that it will consider a wider range of options proposed by the Council for the design of the replacement bridge, providing they do not impact on the safe and economic delivery of the works.

Discussions with HS2 Ltd about Cartmel and Hampstead Road Bridge may continue over several months. The Council will consult Cartmel residents about any alternative proposals for Hampstead Road Bridge that affect their homes before any decisions are taken by the Council. The Council also scheduled a drop in session for Cartmel residents in November 2016 to discuss HS2 Ltd’s Hampstead Road Bridge proposals.    

We Asked

What you thought of the Fair Deal for London Alliance's proposed Compensation Charter.

You Said

• Urban areas should receive fair compensation and not be disadvantaged • The Charter was broadly on the right lines but that it downplayed the scale of disruption in Camden • An independent body should be established to assess compensation, design the scheme and adjudicated on disputes and bids for compensation. • That the Property Bond should not be the focal point of the Charter. • The criteria for compensation should not be the same as for rural areas, (i.e. 120m from the line for the Rural Support zone or 120m to 300m from the line for the Homeowner payment), but should be tailored to reflect the different nature of urban areas. • Businesses should be eligible for all of the compensation that is offered to residents and also receive compensation for the costs they incur directly because of HS2, including disruption to trade, managing employees worse working conditions, costs caused by blight and uncertainty. • Home-owner payments and the Cash Offer should be available to tenants and owner-occupiers in urban areas.

We Did

• Added a foreword to the document that sets the scene and provides a sharper description of the level of disruption. • We added a request for an independent body to be established to assess compensation, design the scheme and adjudicated on disputes and bids for compensation. • We've re-ordered the Charter so that the property bond is our last request. • We've asked for the eligibility criteria to be based on the impact of construction felt by people as this is more relevant in urban areas where construction sites will be very close to residents. • Based on people's feedback we've made suggestions of changes that should be made to the compensation schemes that are currently available to make them fairer, and asked for these to be available to all tenants, owner-occupiers and businesses in urban areas.

We Asked

In June and July 2014, we consulted local people on their views of the traffic and public realm proposals of the West End Project, to transform the Tottenham Court Road area, making it safer and more attractive for residents and visitors, creating new public spaces and providing a good public realm to attract and sustain business. The project includes replacing the one-way system with two-way streets, introducing some protected cycle lanes and more trees, to reduce congestion and pollution across the area, improve road safety, widen pavements, improve pedestrian crossings and make bus journeys quicker.

You Said

The results of the public consultation showed support for the overall West End Project proposals as well as for most elements of the project including proposals for Tottenham Court Road, Gower Street and New Oxford Street, the plaza at St Giles Circus, the new public space at Princes Circus and the new park at Alfred Place. Two aspects of the project were not supported by the majority of respondents; the proposed loading hours on Tottenham Court Road and restricting taxi access on Tottenham Court Road.

We Did

In January 2015, the Council’s Cabinet agreed to implement the West End Project proposals including restricting taxis on Tottenham Court Road, but with a number of amendments, such as to loading hours in the area, in response to comments received during the consultation. The full report can be accessed at (item 16). The project will be delivered in phases and completed in 2018 in time for the opening of Crossrail.