Goldhurst Terrace Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Closes 27 Jul 2018

Opened 2 Jul 2018


We are seeking your views on the Council’s proposal to widen the footway and introduce raised tables at each of the existing informal pedestrian crossings on Goldhurst Terrace between the junctions with Greencroft Gardens and Broadhurst Gardens.

Why We Are Consulting

In 2017, the Council received a request to improve pedestrian safety at the informal pedestrian crossings on Goldhurst Terrace near the junctions with Greencroft Gardens and Broadhurst Gardens. Further examination of these crossings highlighted that pedestrian sightlines are severely obstructed by parked vehicles on the slight bend on Goldhurst Terrace. In response to this, the Council is proposing to:

  • Raise all four existing pedestrian crossings. This will slow vehicles down on the approach to the crossings and provide a raised, level surface for pedestrians to cross.
  • To widen the footway at three of the crossings to improve visibility between drivers and pedestrians waiting to cross.
  • To remove three combined paid for/ resident parking spaces in order to widen the footway.

We are interested to hear your views on the proposed changes. Please fill in the online survey below and only comment on proposed changes which will directly affect where you live or work. 

We will only accept ONE reply per household, business or organisation. You must give us your postal address if you want us to consider your views.

A detailed plan of the proposal is attached below.

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