Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2020

Closed 30 Nov 2019

Opened 31 Oct 2019


We are re-opening the consultation for a further period of one month as we have noticed a discrepancy between our consultation documents and the detailed proposed scheme document that was available on the consultation web page.


The correct details of the proposed scheme were set out in the consultation document, FAQs, publicity and the survey questions. However there was an error in the detailed proposed scheme document which meant that it did not accurately reflect the scheme that we are proposing. In particular, the details of the proposed deductions for non-dependants set out in paragraph 18 of the detailed proposed scheme document were incorrect. This error has now been corrected, and the correct version of the detailed proposed scheme document is now available on the consultation web page, along with the other consultation documents (which have not been changed).


If you have already commented on the scheme and wish to submit a fresh response or add to your previous comments please do so using the questionnaire. We would also welcome the views of anyone who wishes to respond to the consultation for the first time.


The consultation is open until 30th November 2019.

Our Council Tax Reduction Scheme helps residents on low incomes to pay council tax.

We are committed to continuing to provide £25 million support to residents in most need: £16 million to working-age households and £9 million to pensioners. By law we cannot reduce the support for pensioners and therefore the proposed changes do not affect pensioner households.

Why We Are Consulting

The current scheme is complex and out of date with the introduction of Universal Credit, and our administration costs are increasing.

Through our proposals, we are aiming for a new scheme that is fairer, simpler and more affordable.

The consultation runs to 30th November, and we are committed to taking on board your views in the design of the final scheme. The full scheme document for the proposed scheme are available below.


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  • Anyone from any background


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