How can we improve health and wellbeing in west Camden? Part 2

Closed 8 Nov 2019

Opened 18 Oct 2019


How can we improve local health and wellbeing?

Share your views and help make real changes for people in your community.

A group of residents from Kilburn, Swiss Cottage, Fortune Green and West Hampstead have been working to improve health and wellbeing in their local area.

In August the Neighbourhood Assembly consulted local people on six ideas they'd developed to help make their area a healthier and happier place to live.

We had a fantastic response, with many residents offering their thoughts and suggestions. This information was used to develop the ideas further and decide which ones to take forward.

The Neighbourhood Assembly settled on three ideas that are now depicted in this survey. Soon we'll be testing them in a real life environment, but first we want to know what you think.

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Why We Are Consulting

And what exactly is the Neighbourhood Assembly?

The Neighbourhood Assembly is a mixed group of local residents who have been working together since April to understand the key health challenges in their area and come up with ideas about how to address them. They're engaged in a project to explore citizen-led approaches to health and wellbeing on a highly localised, neighbourhood basis.

In April they conducted some preliminary research and decided to focus on mental health and community connectedness. They then conducted interviews with local people and found that residents were often unaware of many services and activities available to them.

They then worked with local stakeholders and community groups to develop some ideas to help bring the community together and spread knowledge about mental health support.

The Assembly consulted on six initial ideas and used the information to decide which three to take forward. They're now consulting on the final three ideas, seeking to finalise them ahead of real-life testing.

What Happens Next

All the information collected from this consultation will feed into the next stage of the project where the Neighbourhood Assembly test the ideas with support from the council and local stakeholders.


  • Fortune Green
  • Kilburn
  • Swiss Cottage
  • West Hampstead


  • Anyone from any background


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  • Council and democracy
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