Camden's draft Statement of Licensing Policy

Closed 28 Jul 2016

Opened 6 May 2016


The Council published a Statement of Licensing Policy in 2011 and in January 2016, re-published the same Statement to allow it to continue to carry out its statutory functions under the Licensing 2003 Act whilst it reviewed and developed a revised draft policy.

The Statement enables the Council to carry out functions under the 2003 Act and plays an important role in managing alcohol in terms of regulation and public health concerns.  In setting out how licensed premises should operate, the Statement contributes to achieving Camden Plan priorities relating to reduced levels of crime and ensuring there is a vibrant cultural and leisure offer for residents, businesses and visitors that is safe and attractive.

The Statement needs to be up to date and relevant to the individual characteristics of the borough.  A number of areas in the 2011 Statement are no longer relevant or need updating and we have now developed a revised draft Statement of Licensing Policy following engagement with key stakeholders, local residents and licensed businesses.  The Council is now consulting on proposed changes to the Statement and would like to hear your views.

Why your views matter

If changes to the Statement of Licensing Policy are proposed, the law requires the Council to consult on those changes.

Please read the notes on each page carefully before you answer the question and give your view by clicking next to your chosen answer.  Where indicated, you will be unable to move on to the next question unless you provide an answer.  If in doubt, please select the "Don't know" option.

If you prefer not to complete this online consultation, you may send your views in writing marked "Draft Statement of Licensing Policy Consultation" to:

David Curtis, Senior Licensing Officer, London Borough of Camden, 5 Pancras Square, c/o Town Hall, Judd Street, London, WC1H 9JE.

alternatively, email


Please note that we must receive your views no later than mid-night on 28 July 2016 otherwise they may not be considered.

What happens next

After the consultation closes, we will consider your responses and include them in a report, which the Council’s Licensing Committee will consider later in the year.

The Licensing Committee will then consider the responses and any other relevant information and decide whether to make any further changes to the draft Statement. 

The Licensing Committee will then make a recommendation to the full Council on whether to approve the draft Statement.  If approved the Council hopes to publish a revised Statement of Licensing Policy early in 2017.


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