Proposed Play Street - Charlton King's Road

Closed 8 Dec 2017

Opened 15 Nov 2017



PROPOSAL: new road closures on Charlton King’s Road to facilitate a Play Street

We are writing to seek your views on the Council’s proposal to prohibit traffic through Charlton King’s Road between Leighton Road and Torriano Avenue, for the street to be used by children for play (Play Street), as designated by Section 29 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1988.

The Play Street scheme is an initiative set up by a charity called London Play and the Department for Health. The aim of the Play Street scheme is to reclaim road space in order to allow children to play in a safe environment. The scheme supports children’s needs for informal play, physical activity, learning and development. London Borough of Camden has already introduced several Play Streets in the Kentish Town area that have proven to be very successful.

The Play Street scheme addresses twin problems of danger from vehicular traffic and parents’ confidence by enabling local residents’ to close their streets for play on a regular basis. Children are provided with an opportunity to play on a traffic free street, safely whilst creating community cohesion for wider residents and local groups. 

The Play Street scheme also meets a number of Camden’s Transport Strategy objectives, which includes improving air quality and vehicular congestion, as the closure acts as deterrent for vehicles using the street and promotes the use of more sustainable forms of transport. The Council has received a petition signed by local residents’ expressing their support for Charlton King’s Road to be designated as a Play Street.

In agreement with local residents’ who submitted the petition and a formal application to the Council we are proposing to close Charlton King’s Road on the first Sunday of every month between 13:00hrs – 16:00hrs. The proposed closed section will be between Leighton Road Torriano Avenue only. The operation of the road closure will be undertaken by local residents’, enforced via the use of freestanding ‘road closed’ signs, advanced warning signs and barriers. The Council will provide the signs and barriers to residents and these will be stored locally.

During the closure period, parking bays will not be suspended and marshals will allow for the entry and exit of vehicles, access will be maintained to all properties within the closure area. A plan illustrating the proposed Play Street is included HERE


Why We Are Consulting

This is your opportunity to comment

The Council will be pleased to hear your views on the proposals we are consulting on as well as any alternative suggestions or objections you may have to any aspect of the Play Street scheme. Thew deadline for responses to this consultation is FRIDAY 8 DECEMBER 2017


Please submit your response to this consultation no later than 08.12.2017 via one of the following three options below:

Option 1 Online – submit your response by answering a series of consultation questions and providing your comments on the online survey.

Option 2 Email – submit your response via email to:

Option 3 Post – submit your response using the following free post address (no stamp required) to the London Borough of Camden, Supporting Communities Directorate, Transport Strategy Service, FREEPOST RLZH-UEYC-ACZZ, London, WC1H 8EQ.

Please Note: if you are responding on behalf of an organisation, only ONE reply will be accepted. You must give your full postal address when responding to the consultation if you want us to consider your views.

An Equality & Diversity form has been included HERE that is voluntary for you to complete and send to us with your response via email or using free post address as outlined above. Any information you provide on this form will help us in making an informed decision on the scheme.

Who is being consulted?

All affected property frontages inclusive of businesses, local groups, statutory groups and ward councillors.

What Happens Next

While it will not be possible to reply to your individually, all comments will be taken into account. At the end of this consultation period, a report will be written analysing the comments received and officers’ recommendations. This report will be presented to the Director of Regeneration and Planning (Supporting Communities Directorate) who will make a decision whether or not to proceed with the scheme.

Under the Local Government Access to Information Act 1985, your consultation response will be available for inspection if required; however, your personal details will remain confidential. Please only write to us with matters associated with this consultation. If you do have any further questions or require clarification about the proposed scheme, please do not hesitate contact Tabrez Hussain on the contact details.



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