Control of estate agents boards

Closed 13 Mar 2019

Opened 5 Feb 2019


Estate agents boards have been the second highest type of planning enforcement complaint for the past 5 years. The types of complaints range from the number of boards being displayed on a single building to boards not being removed in a timely fashion causing an area to look unattractive. .

Estate agents boards are a key issue for our residents and we want your help to  tackle this problem.

Why We Are Consulting

We have previously applied  to Central Government to ensure estate agents boards cannot be displayed without our permission. This is known as a Regulation 7 Direction. This power was previously granted to cover only the following Conservation Areas: Belsize Park, South Hampstead, Redington & Frognal, Fitzjohns & Netherhall and most recently West End Lane (part of which is outside a CA). 

We want to apply for a new Regulation 7 Direction to cover more areas and are looking at 3 options:

Option 1: Extend the Direction so we can regulate estate agents boards across the whole borough as the problem is borough-wide.

Option 2: Extend the Direction so we can regulate estate agents boards to all conservation areas and all town centres as these are where the problem mostly occurs.

Option 3: Renew the Directions in the following areasBelsize Park,  Redington & Frognal, Fitzjohns & Netherhall conservation areas.

If any of these options are agreed by Central Government, this would mean that unless advertisement consent has been applied for, any boards that are displayed without advertisement consent can be easily identified and  prosecution action taken.

The proliferation of estate agents boards has been a persistent problem in the borough stretching back a number of years. Camden has lots of areas with high density development and there can often be a number of boards on a single building. As a form of free advertisement for estate agencies there is often little incentive to remove boards in a timely fashion. These can add unnecessary clutter to buildings and can detract from the appearance of the wider area. With a Regulation 7 Direction in place, a planning permission is required for every board before it can be displayed. This enables far more effective control of the display of estate agent boards.

Clear guidance would be produced for those wishing to apply to display an estate agent board on their property.

What Happens Next

Responses to consultation

256 people completed the survey and 6 additional emails were received

  • 89% of people support borough wide control;
  • 59% of people support a ban in conservation areas alone;
  • 85% of people support a ban in highstreets;
  • 73% of people support the need for renewals.

The results show there is strong support for a wide-ranging Regulation 7 Direction, with particularly strong support for a Borough-Wide Regulation 7 Direction.

On 27 Spetember 2019 we asked the Secretary of State to consider a request from the Council that a Borough-Wide Regulation 7 Direction be made. If approved advertisement consent will be required to display any estate agent board in Camden.

You can see the full results of the consultation and the application to the Secretary of State at


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