Draft revised local area requirements for planning applications 2018

Closed 20 May 2018

Opened 19 Apr 2018


We have reviewed our local requirements for the validation of planning and other related applications to make sure they are relevant and appropriate to current policies and legislation.

Different types and scales of applications require different levels of information and supporting documents to be submitted.

Some changes have been made to bring the requirements up to date where changes have been made to planning legislation, policy and guidance.

Summary of proposed changes:

New requirements

•    An un-redacted Affordable Housing Financial Viability Assessment where policy requirements for affordable housing are not met.
•    Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Strategy for major applications.
•    Health Impact Assessment for major applications.
•    Employment and Training Strategy for major applications.
•    Marketing and use viability evidence - different requirements for marketing evidence or use viability statements have been incorporated into a single requirement which covers schemes proposing loss of: community facilities; cultural and leisure facilities; pubs; shops outside town centres (and Kentish Town secondary shopping frontages); and employment space.

Amendments to existing requirements

We are proposing some changes to existing requirements, including merging and splitting documents or reports, and changes to when documents or reports are required. In summary, these changes include:

•    Affordable Housing Statements are now required for any development providing one or more additional homes and at least 100 sqm additional housing floor space. They are now also required for provision of student housing and shared housing. Clarification that the statements are required for payments in lieu, not just on site provision.
•    The Lifetime Homes Statement has been updated to an Accessibility Statement, referring to optional Building Regulations requirements. This is now required for any new residential accommodation.
•    An Air Quality Assessment (AQA) is now required for all major development, and for substantial earthworks or demolition.
•    The requirement for a Construction Management Plan (CMP) now requires completion of a pro forma, to reflect current working practice.
•    There will be no separate requirement for a Statement of Justification for substantial harm to heritage assets. This should now be included in the Heritage Statement to prevent duplication.
•    Noise Impact Assessments and Noise, Vibration & Ventilation Assessments have been incorporated into a single requirement for an Acoustic Report to prevent duplication.
•    Sustainable Statements have been split up and replaced with separate requirements for an Energy Statement, a Sustainability Statement (including BREEAM), and a Flood Risk Assessment, although these can all be submitted as a single document where they all apply.
•    Aboricultural Assessment and Landscaping Scheme has been split up and replaced with two separate requirements, although these can still be submitted as a single document where they both apply.
•    Made clear that Daylight and Sunlight Assessments should include an assessment of the proposed units for development of ten or more residential units, or where there is potential for poor light.
•    Made clear that applications for lawful development certificates should demonstrate lawfulness, or demonstrate compliance with all requirements for permitted development.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to know what you think about the proposed changes.

What Happens Next

We will consider any comments made and make any necessary amendments to the requirements. The revised local area requirements will then be adopted.


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