Highgate West Hill Pond Square - Footway Extansion Consultation

Closed 20 Sep 2010

Opened 16 Aug 2010

Results expected 18 Oct 2010


We are seeking your views on the Council’s proposal to improve the streetscape in Highgate by building out the southern footway on Highgate West Hill at the junction with Pond Square.

Why We Are Consulting

At present the footway alignment makes it difficult for pedestrians to cross Cobble Mews and Pond Square due to the very long crossing distance at this junction. This is even more difficult for the disabled, wheelchair users, elderly or those with pushchairs.

The measures proposed are:

  • to extend the footway on each side of Cobble Mews and Pond Square;
  • to create an extra car parking space along the south-west side of Pond Square; and
  • to relocate the lamp column outside the south-west side of Pond Square.

If agreed, it is proposed that this work will be undertaken in November 2010.

The Council would be pleased to hear your views on the proposed measures. Details on how to respond are in the attached document below.


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