Royal College Street Proposed Walking and Cycling Improvements

Closed 4 Oct 2015

Opened 4 Sep 2015


In August 2013, Camden Council upgraded Royal College Street between Crowndale Road and Baynes Street to make it safer and more attractive for walking and cycling. The changes included providing wide protected cycle lanes (on the east and west side of the street) and better crossings for pedestrians.

The Council has monitored the impacts of the improvements and also undertaken on-street interviews to find out the views of residents, visitors and commuters. Our data shows that cycling has increased by 135% since before the upgrade and now over 2,000 cyclists a day use the street. The changes have also led to a 21% drop in traffic speeds and a significant reduction in collisions involving cyclists. 

The on-street interviews highlighted support for the new layout but also indicated that there are some areas where further improvements have been requested. The most common concerns raised were:

  • Damage to the planters from cars and other vehicles
  • Illegal parking and loading blocking the cycle lanes
  • Lack of parking for residents and visitors
  • Confusion between bus passengers and cyclists at bus stops

Why We Are Consulting

The Council has already made some minor changes to the street to address these concerns with new road markings and the introduction of more bollards. This leaflet provides details about further changes on Royal College Street.

The proposed changes are indicated on the attached drawing and include the following:

  1. Introduce additional cycle parking and car parking spaces for residents and visitors
  2. Provide more loading areas for businesses
  3. Provide raised cycle lane adjacent to ATS garage and Parcelforce
  4. Provide wider areas for pedestrians and cyclists at bus stops
  5. Introduce new pavement adjacent to the National Grid construction site
  6. Narrow pavement on the west side of Royal College Street next to Georgiana Street to provide space for the northbound cycle lane

The changes numbered 1-3 would also provide greater protection for southbound cyclists and would allow a number of planters that are regularly damaged to be removed. If the changes are implemented, monitoring would be undertaken to assess if any further changes are required in the future.










What Happens Next

While it will not be possible to reply to you individually, all comments will be taken into account. The Assistant Director for Culture and Environment will make a decision in October 2015 on whether or not to proceed with the scheme and you will be informed via the council’s website of the outcome of this consultation within three months, where possible. 

Under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, your response is available for public inspection. Please only write to us about the consultation issue. If you want to comment on any other matter, please use a separate letter. 


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