Sandwell Crescent – Proposed Junction Improvements

Closed 18 Jan 2013

Opened 11 Dec 2012


We are seeking your views on the Council’s proposal to help improve pedestrian facilities and reduce speed in Sandwell Crescent, where it meets West End Lane.

West End Lane is a busy shopping street that is lined with various types of shops, restaurants and cafes. It is also however dominated by traffic, and has sections of narrow pavements. The street has very high pedestrian volumes that include shoppers, visitors and commuters however, the quality of the street environment reflects poorly on the area.

To address this, we have started to repave sections of the footway along West End Lane between Fawley Road and Mill Lane. A number of side streets where they meet West End Lane have already had the carriageway raised to the same level as the footway therefore helping vehicular traffic slow down when turning in and out of the side streets as well as providing pedestrians with a level crossing point.

There are a limited number of side roads where the carriageway has not been raised to the same level as the footway. One of these includes Sandwell Crescent where it meets West End Lane.

We are therefore proposing to raise the junction at this point, which we feel will slow down traffic speeds as they approach the junction as well as provide pedestrians with a level crossing point.

To assist those with visual impairments, tactile paving would be provided at crossing points. The traffic calming would also improve the environment for cyclists.


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