The Camden Flood Risk Management Strategy consultation

Closed 25 Mar 2013

Opened 11 Feb 2013

Results updated 5 Dec 2013

Changes to the document

The final document took note of all of these concerns and amended the document accordingly, as well as adding further informaiton about areas and basements which were not avaialble whent the draft came out.

The final document was approved by Cabinet on 12th June and can be found here:


We are consulting on Managing flood risk in Camden: The Camden Flood Risk Management Strategy which is a new statutory document which explains what actions the Council and other key stakeholders will take to manage flood risk in Camden.

Why your views matter

Camden was fortunate to avoid the serious national floods of 2007 and 2012, which caused so much damage and misery for those affected. However we know that Camden is at risk from flooding because we experienced significant floods in both 1975 and 2002.

Managing flood risk in Camden is Camden’s first flood risk strategy and looks to provide an understanding and explanation of the level of risk affecting the residents and businesses of Camden as well as an action plan for areas that we consider to be at particular risk from surface water flooding.

While we have been able to develop a strong understanding of the flood risk in the borough through our modelling, records and the knowledge of our staff, there is always more information we can use and we’re keen to hear from you about areas in your neighbourhood which flood regularly or actions that have been taken which have had an impact on flood risk.

 We are also interested in hearing your views on the proposed plans for managing and alleviating flood risk. While the plans are still at an early stage and the strategy is not able to go into detail for specific schemes, we’re very keen to hear of any issues that will need to be considered when the detail for these schemes is delivered.

If you would like a hard copy of the Flood Risk Management Strategy, please contact Nick Humfrey at


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