Cheque withdrawal as a payment method

Closed 4 Sep 2022

Opened 1 Aug 2022

Results expected 18 Sep 2022

Feedback expected 30 Sep 2022


The council sometimes needs to make payments to residents.  These payments are usually made by BACS (electronic payments directly into people’s bank accounts)  or cheque.

From 28 July the Council is stopping making payments via cheques as our printers cannot print cheques due to licensing issues and low volumes.

After 28 July the council will no longer issue cheques and all future payments will be BACS unless people do not have a bank account.  If people do not have a bank account, they will be issued with a prepaid card.

People will need a bank account to receive a BACS payment.  Generally, people also need a bank account to pay in cheques, although, for a fee, people without a bank account can cash cheques through money lending chains (like Cash Converters).

Our bankers have told us that by law, the 9 largest banks must offer people bank accounts. Basic bank accounts can be offered to those with a poor credit history, those going through bankruptcy, anyone who cannot offer complete or accurate information when opening an account and those with a low credit score.

The council will issue people who do not have a bank account the council with a prepaid card.  These can be used to withdraw cash from cash points or pay for goods and services, just like a debit card up to the limit issued on the card.


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