Camden Leaseholders Forum Elections

Closed 10 Aug 2012

Opened 4 Jul 2012


Please consider helping yourself and your fellow leaseholders by joining the Leaseholders’ Forum.  Camden formally consults its leaseholders about policies and performance through the Forum.  It is currently completing its fifth three-year cycle.  Elections for a new Forum are therefore starting.  There are posts for four members from each Housing District.  The current Forum chose to meet at 6.30 p.m. on the last Wednesday of each month, aiming to finish its business by 9.30 p.m.  Officers and Councillors attend.  The new Forum will choose its own schedule.

Even if every current member were re-elected, there would still be plenty of spaces for new members, and so for you.  An active Forum gets things done.  I have no doubt that our views are taken seriously.  We do not always get what we ask for, but the more members are prepared to attend regularly and chase issues, the more pressure and the more success.   

We face a difficult period for many homeowners, and for all the residents of Camden’s housing.  House prices have been falling, and people have been losing their jobs, so they may continue to fall in a downward spiral.  Value for the money we pay in service charges is increasingly important for both tenants and leaseholders.  During the next Forum cycle, there will be national elections.  The Forum influences government policy, both by direct contact with local MPs and through London wide and national groups leading to direct contact with government.  I am sure there will be plenty of work for the Forum, but within a tradition of people contributing what they can and wish to do.  And, there is plenty of opportunity to develop skills in what will inevitably be a mixture of new and more experienced people.

If you are interested in standing for a place on the forum, please just complete the nomination form below, by clicking on the 'give us your views' link below.


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