Private renting in Camden - does it work for you?

Closed 31 Mar 2014

Opened 9 Dec 2013


Over a third of homes in Camden are privately rented after rapid growth in recent years. The popularity of Camden as a place to live means that even poor quality accommodation can be rented out easily. We want to know - how can we work with landlords, tenants and other residents to improve standards and make sure the private rented sector works for everyone?

We say in our private rented sector policy – A private rented sector that works for everyone  – that we want to explore different options.  By telling us what you think you will help us find the best ways to improve the sector.

Take part in the online survey below and answer the set of questions that best describe you.

We will be visiting properties in the borough between now and March 2014 to find out if there are any serious problems that need to be addressed. All our staff carry London Borough of Camden identification. Please ask to see it if we call at your home.

We will also have meetings with private landlords and private tenants to make sure we hear from everyone.


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