Businesses- How ready are we for a changing climate?

Closed 22 Jan 2023

Opened 29 Nov 2022


Human-induced climate change is leading to extreme weather events affecting many parts of the world. Camden is not immune, and the likelihood of events such as surface water flooding, heatwaves, and drought is increasing.

So far, 2022 has brought a record-breaking UK heatwave in July, followed by a minor surface water flooding incident in August. In July 2021, a major flooding incident occurred, impacting over 100 residential properties and 12 businesses in Camden, as well as causing disruption to local infrastructure and services. 

In 2023, Camden Council will be producing our first Climate Resilience Plan. Prior to the development of this document, we wish to gain an understanding of our businesses' experience with extreme weather events. This insight will enable us  to ensure we are better prepared for these events in the future.

This survey aims to help us establish a basic understanding of our businesses' experiences, knowledge of the climate crisis, and thoughts and ideas on how to better prepare Camden and build climate resilient Camden.

Why your views matter

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do at Camden, and the climate crisis is no different. We want to hear about your experiences and work with businesses' to better prepare for future extreme weather events. 

If you would prefer to complete a paper version, please email

What happens next

The survey is now closed. We are currently reviewing the data and will look to publish the key findings, in due course. 

In the meantime, we will continue to deliver projects and programmes to reduce the impacts of climate chnage in Camden.

Keep an eye on our socials for more infomation on how to prepare for extreme weather events and ways to get involved.


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