Kentish Town Road / Castle Road / Royal College Street junction improvement

Closed 24 Mar 2018

Opened 23 Feb 2018


We are seeking your views on the Council’s proposal to improve the junction of Kentish Town Road with Castle Road and Royal College Street.

The consultation document can be found HERE and proposed layout plan can be found HERE.

The junction of Kentish Town Road and Royal College Street is surrounded by a variety of shops, cafes and residential flats. It has a number of bus routes travelling through the junction, including 24-hour bus routes that access parts of Central London.

Castle Road is a two-way borough road, it is predominantly residential with a few local shops. The road is also used by cyclists as a quiet route that filters through from Prince of Wales Road and Castlehaven Road.

In 2016 and 2017, improvements were made for cyclists along Royal College Street as part of a Central London Cycle Grid scheme which allows cyclists to travel from Kentish Town Road to Kings Cross along a safe and continuous protected cycle route. We want to provide a safe connection for cyclists through Castle Road into Royal College Street, and improve crossings for pedestrians. Officers have considered proposals that will help to make the junction a safer and more attractive place for everybody. This leaflet sets out these proposals, and as a local resident, business or group, this is your opportunity to let us know what you think.


The proposed changes are shown on the attached drawing and include the following key changes.

  1. Replace the fire gate with bollards at the Kentish Town Road / Rochester Road junction and provide a gap in the central island opposite Rochester Road for cyclists to cycle in and out of Rochester Road.
  2. Introduce a southbound mandatory cycle lane on Kentish Town Road to guide cyclists safely to the advanced stop line in order to wait at the traffic lights in front of motor traffic. This requires narrowing the existing footway near the stop line where it is wider.  Continue the mandatory cycle lane through the junction to the segregated cycle lane provided on Royal College Street.
  3. Introduce an advance stop line and traffic signal on Castle Road. This will allow cyclists to cross the road safely and enter the advance stop line on Kentish Town Road southbound. Access for cyclists will be provided by creating a gap in the central traffic island. Pedestrian crossing will remain informal as current across Castle Road.
  4. Provide a new pedestrian crossing on the northern arm of Kentish Town Road. This will allow pedestrians to cross Kentish Town Road in one movement.
  5. Widen footway on the south side at Royal College Street/Kentish Town Road junction; this will allow pedestrians to cross Royal College Street in one movement instead of the current situation where they have two crossings split by a central island. The island will then be narrowed, as it will not be used by pedestrians to wait on.
  6. Introduce a pedestrian only stage to the traffic signals so that pedestrians can cross all roads when motor traffic is brought to a stop.

In addition to the above proposals we are planning to change the following lane markings to make it easier for drivers to know what lane to use; left turn only lanes on the nearest side on Kentish Town northbound (except buses and cyclists) and southbound for all traffic.




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