Proposed junction improvements – King Henry's Road

Closed 7 Sep 2018

Opened 27 Jul 2018


I am writing to seek your view on the Council’s proposal to redesign the junction of King Henry’s Road near Ainger Road. The current junction layout is very wide for pedestrians to cross (26 meters across) and it is also of concern that pedestrians have no direct access to the junction on the east side, where they have to cross between parked cars. The proposed design addresses these issues by improving pedestrian access, providing better sightlines when crossing, and reducing the crossing distance to 10 meters. The proposed narrowing of the carriageway is expected to have a traffic calming effect on vehicles approaching and going through the junction.

The new design also helps reallocate road space to pedestrians, in line with Camden’s policies to create healthier and safer streets for the community and, in doing so, encouraging people to choose sustainable modes of transport, such as walking. This scheme has also been designed following feedback from some local residents, who have suggested this specific location should be investigated to improve conditions for pedestrians.

 Proposed changes

 To build out the footway on the east side of the junction between 13 and 19 King Henry’s Road and to build out the footway on the opposite corner, near 29 King Henry’s Road. The proposed design will also off set the line vehicles take through the junction, which will reduce vehicle speeds.

 As part of the detailed design process, if the consultation is successful, we will also investigate the potential for adding some greenery/small trees to the built out footway areas.

 This proposal will result in the loss of 5 permit holder parking spaces, which is required in order to provide the proposed build outs and enhanced pedestrian accessibility at this location.

Please see plan below

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