Camden Park Road, St Augustine's Road and Cliff Villas Walking and Cycling Impovements

Closed 3 Nov 2019

Opened 10 Oct 2019




Proposed walking and cycling improvements in the Camden Park Road, St. Augustine’s Road and Cliff Villas area. 

The Council is proposing to provide enhanced pedestrian and cycling facilities in the Camden Park Road, St. Augustine’s Road and Cliff Villas area.

The proposals would include providing an enhanced ‘parallel’ walking and cycling zebra crossing across Camden Park Road, improving walking and cycling links between the Camden Square and Cliff Villas areas, and also facilitate cycling along Camden Park Road.

The scheme would make it easier for children to walk and cycle to Brecknock Primary School, and would provide a connection via Cliff Villas to the proposed cycle route between Camden and Tottenham Hale that Transport for London will be consulting on in 2020.

The proposals are in line with Camden’s Transport Strategy 2019-2041, which seeks to encourage sustainable transport and healthier forms of travel, in particular walking and cycling.

What we are proposing to install

We are proposing to install the following measures on Camden Park Road, St. Augustine’s Road and Cliff Villas, as set out below and in the drawing/plan:

  1. Camden Park Road
  • A new parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing, replacing the existing zebra crossing and installation of a wider raised “speed table” to accommodate this new facility.  
  • Building out of the southern kerb to considerably shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians and cyclists. This would be of particular benefit for vulnerable road users.
  • On the south side of Camden Park Road, we are proposing the following cycle measures:
    • Between York Way and St Augustine’s Road, a section of westbound cycle track.
    • Between St Augustine’s Road and the parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing, a short section of bi-directional stepped (protected) cycle track.
    • To the west of the proposed crossing, a bus stop cycle bypass, to ensure that westbound cyclists can comfortably travel past the bus stop.
    • Finally, an advisory cycle lane towards the junction with South Villas.
  • Provision of a sinusoidal hump to replace the existing speed cushions on Camden Park Road, between the proposed crossing and the junction with South Villas.
  • Relocation of the bus stop shelter currently outside 21 Camden Park Road to outside 23 Camden Park Road.
  • Removal of 42m of single yellow line along the south side of Camden Park Road.
  • New loading and waiting restrictions on both sides of Camden Park Road.
  • The implementation of the above measures would require the loss of 2 residents’ parking spaces.
  1. St Augustine’s Road
  • Remove the existing fire gates that are currently in place between St. Augustine’s Road and Camden Park Road, to facilitate cycle access through this space and to improve the public realm.
  • Provide a new asphalt surfacing to form a bi-directional cycleway in place of the existing cobblestones.
  • Motor vehicle access would be prevented through the installation of a bollard at each end of this section of cycleway, however emergency vehicle access will be retained. This can be enforced through mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera vehicle patrols.
  • A new section of waiting and loading restrictions, 14m in length, would be provided along the north end of St Augustine’s Road to prevent obstruction of the cycleway. .
  • New signage would be installed at both entrances to the bi-directional cycleway to inform road users that motor vehicles, including motorcycles, are not permitted to enter the cycleway. This will be monitored and enforcement measures employed if necessary.
  1. Cliff Villas
  • The installation of a continuous footway across Cliff Villas at its junction with Camden Park Road, to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross Cliff Villas.
  • By slowing traffic entering Cliff Villas, the continuous footway will also make conditions safer for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along Cliff Villas, in particular those accessing nearby Brecknock School.
  • As part of the landscaping for this scheme, two new trees are proposed to be planted on the eastern side of the junction of Cliff Villas and Camden Park Road.
  • A new dropped kerb would be installed to enable cyclists to access Cliff Villas from the new parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing.
  • New kerb alignments would be constructed to increase footway space.
  • A section of single yellow line would be removed and new waiting and loading restrictions are proposed to prevent the junction being blocked by parked vehicles.

       4  York Way

  •  A section of 6m of residents’ parking bay would be converted to  single yellow line on York Way to facilitate loading.

A Plan of the proposal can be found here

Why your views matter


This is your opportunity to comment


Please submit your response to this consultation no later than 3 Nov 2019 via one of the following three options below: 

Option 1 Online – submit your comments on an online form which can be found below: 

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Option 3 Post – submit your response using the following freepost address (no stamp required: Freepost LBC MAILROOM. In the bottom left of the envelope please add “CPR Walking and Cycling improvements, Transport Strategy Service”

Please Note: if you are responding on behalf of an organisation, only ONE reply will be accepted. You must give your full postal address when responding to the consultation if you want us to consider your views.

An Equality & Diversity form has been included that is voluntary for you to complete and send to us with your response via email or using the free post address as outlined above. Any information you provide on this form will help us in making an informed decision.

Who is being consulted?

Local residents and business, local groups, statutory groups and ward councillors.

Please follow this link to see a plan of the Consultation Area.

While it will not be possible to reply to you individually, all comments will be taken into account. At the end of this consultation period, officers will consider all responses received and write a report with recommendations. This report will be presented to the Director of Regeneration and Planning who will make a decision whether or not to proceed with implementing the proposals. 

Under the Local Government Access to Information Act 1985, your consultation response will be available for inspection if required; however, your personal details will remain confidential. 

Please only write to us with matters associated with this consultation. If you do have any further questions or require clarification about the proposed scheme, please contact Paul Davis on 020 7974 2520.


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