Camden Youth Council - curriculum for life survey

Closed 18 Nov 2022

Opened 22 Jul 2022

Results updated 5 Apr 2023

The survey ran from 22nd July until 18th November 2022 and covered questions about living in Camden and skills for life which was the theme chosen by Camden Youth Council. It was aimed at anyone aged 12-18 or up to 25 with a special educational need or disability who lives or goes to school in Camden. A total of 385 responses were received

  • About the young people who filled out the survey:
    • Even split between male and female with a small number of trans and non-binary young people as well.
    • 50% of the responders were aged 15 or 16.
    • Total range was aged 12-25 years old.
    • Almost 20% declared they had a disability
    • Diversity within the ethnicity question was high
    • 23% said they had a caring responsibility
  • A summary of response about Living in Camden:
    • When asked if Camden is a safe place to live, only 39% agreed/strongly agreed versus 59% previously
    • When asked if Camden was environmentally friendly, there was a 3-way split between agreeing, disagreeing and unsure.
    • When asked if they think everyone has the chance to succeed regardless of background, only 54% agreed versus 73% previously.
    • 58% of young people felt they have opportunities to find a job/career
    • When asked what they don’t like/things to be improved about Camden the most popular answers were around safety and crime as well as improving the environment.
  • A summary of responses about Skills for Life:
    • The most popular things young people said they wanted to learn about was CV writing/finding a job, managing finances and how to secure a home (buy or rent)
    • They wanted to learn about it weekly or fortnightly
    • They want to learn about this in school during the school day.


What do you think about living in Camden and what 'life skills' do you want to learn? 

Camden Youth Council wants to hear from you! They have been given a budget of £20,000 to help create the changes you tell us are important. 

If you are aged 12-18 or up to 25 with a special educational need or disability, and if you live or go to school in Camden then this survey is for you.

You will be entered into a prize draw and could win £50!

The survey only takes a few minutes to fill out and none of the questions are compulsory. 

Everything you tell us will be kept confidential


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