Gospel Oak Survey 21

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Closes 6 Aug 2021

Your involvement in Gospel Oak

1. First of all, please can you tell us how you are connected to Gospel Oak?
2. Can you give me THREE words to describe what Gospel Oak means to you?
3. How do you find out about activities that happen in Gospel Oak?
4. How often do you take part in activities in Gospel Oak?
5. If you do take part in activities, please tell us what they are.
6. What are the THREE best things about Gospel Oak?
7. If you could change THREE things about Gospel Oak, what would they be?
8. Thinking about the THREE things you’d like to change in Gospel Oak, why do you want this change?
9. Think about safety, which times of day do you feel the safest? (please state actual days and times of the day, e.g. 3.30 on Wednesdays)
10. Why do you feel safest at these times?
11. Where do you feel the safest in Gospel Oak?
12. Why do you feel safest at these places?
13. Have you seen anti social or criminal behavior before in Gospel Oak?
14. If yes, do you mind describing what you have seen?
15. Have you been a victim of ASB or criminal behaviour in Gospel Oak yourself?
16. If yes, and you feel able, please give some details of the incident?
17. Who would you be most likely to report ASB to?
18. Why would you report ASB in this way?