Chalcots window and curtain wall resident survey

Closed 15 Jun 2018

Opened 1 Jun 2018


The council is replacing the “curtain wall” and windows across the Chalcots estate.

A curtain wall is a front on a building that runs from the top to the bottom and is nonstructural, which means it doesn’t support the floors or the roof.
It includes fixed panels and windows. Camden will be replacing the brickwork as well as the windows set in the curtain wall.

In tall buildings there are regulations around the kind of windows that can safely be installed and particularly restrictions on how the windows can be opened.

We have four window design options that are being considered. To help the council make a decision we want to ask you how you use your existing windows and what is most important to you about your new windows, as well as to tell us your preference for the four window options.

To help us to choose the best window for you and your estate, please complete this survey by Friday 15 June 2018.

All of your answers to this survey are anonymous. No one can be identified from the data.


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