Cartwright Gardens, Leigh Street, Millman Street & Rugby Street - proposed Bloomsbury 20mph area

Closed 15 Jun 2012

Opened 11 May 2012

Results Updated 30 Oct 2012


This report provides details of the consultation exercise undertaken for a proposed 20mph speed limit in the Bloomsbury area, with associated measures. It seeks approval to implement the proposals outlined in Section 4 of this report.

AFFECTED WARDS: Kings Cross, Bloomsbury, Holborn & Covent Garden


Approval is sought from the Assistant Director of Environment and Transport to carry out the following works subject to compliance with statutory procedures and detail design:

The implementation of a 20 mph area with the following physical traffic calming measures:

a raised junction at Cartwright Gardens and Leigh Street.

a raised crossing with footway buildouts on Millman Street, outside St George the Martyr Primary School. This would require 4 Resident parking spaces to be relocated to the opposite side of the street.

a raised entry treatment on Great Ormond Street, at its junction with Millman Street.

Relocation of 1 Resident parking bay on Rugby Street to Millman Street, and replace with a carriageway cycle parking facility.

These recommendations are based on accident analysis, traffic surveys and the responses received from the consultation exercise.

For more information please the attached report



We are seeking your views on the Council's proposal to change the speed limit in your area from 30mph to 20mph.  This would apply to all streets between Euston Road, Woburn Place/Southampton Row, Theobalds Road and Gray's Inn Road.   

A large number of roads in the area have aleady received traffic calming measures, and average traffic speeds on all roads are below 25mph.  This allows us to propose a low cost solution to using predominantly signs and line markings, except in key areas where higher accident rates have been recorded or where additional pedestrian / cycling benefits can be achieved.

Why We Are Consulting

There are three key areas that are identified in the consultation.  They are:

  • Millman Street
  • Rugby Street
  • Cartwright Gardens / Leigh Street

We are seeking your views on this consultation exercise in order to find out if there is broad public support for the proposals set out.

What Happens Next

While it will not be possible to reply to you individually, all comments will be taken into account.  The Assistant Director of Culture and Environment (Environment and Transport) will make a decision whether or not to proceed with the scheme and you will be informed of the outcome of this consultation and the Council's decision within three months, where possible.


  • Bloomsbury
  • Holborn and Covent Garden
  • King's Cross


  • Businesses
  • Councillors
  • Emergency services
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Residents
  • Statutory Groups


  • Transport and streets