Control of estate agents boards

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Closes 26 Feb 2019


1. What do you think of estate agents boards? Please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements.

Estate agents boards add clutter to the streetscene
Estate agents boards are unsightly
Estate agents boards are harmful to historic buildings
Estate Agents Boards are a necessary part of buying, selling or renting properties
Estate agent boards are a problem in my area

2. What is your postcode?

3. What additional control of estate agents boards, if any, do you support?

A Direction to control estate agent boards across the borough
A Direction to control estate agent boards in conservation areas only
A Direction to control estate agent boards in all high streets
A renewal of the Directions in the following areas Belsize Park, Redington & Frognal, Fitzjohns & Netherhall conservation areas. These are non-permanent Directions, which we can apply to renew.
I do not want any additional control

4. Do you have any comments about estate agents boards?

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6. What is your name?

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