Drummond Street and Longford Street –Pedestrian and Streetscape Improvements

Closed 7 Sep 2012

Opened 13 Aug 2012


We are seeking your views on the Council’s proposals to reduce speed and improve pedestrian safety in relation to the redevelopment of Regent’s Place, at the junction of Hampstead Road and Drummond Street. The proposals, shown on the attached drawing, include the introduction of traffic calming in the form of raised road junctions and road narrowing. We are also re-paving the pavements surrounding the development site.

We are proposing the following work and details are included within this consultation:

Raise the road at the junction of Drummond Street and Stanhope Street, including the existing zebra crossing. This is to slow down traffic and improve pedestrian safety

Extend the existing raised carriageway on Longford Street near the junction of Laxton Place

Narrow the road in Longford Street between Laxton Place and Stanhope Street and remove the existing pedestrian refuge island

Widen the footway in small section and plant trees along Drummond Street, between Hampstead Road and Stanhope Street.

Re-arrange Pay and Display parking bays in Drummond Street, creating an additional three spaces.

The proposed measures would provide a more pleasant pedestrian environment. The widened pavements and level crossing point at Stanhope Street junction would reduce traffic speeds and promote pedestrian priority. To assist those with visual impairments, tactile paving would be provided at crossing points. The traffic calming would also improve the environment for cyclists.


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