Royal College Street Cycle Facility Improvements

Closed 11 Jan 2013

Opened 29 Nov 2012

Results expected 15 Jan 2013


Royal College Street is a one-way road with a segregated cycling facility. Residents in the area have highlighted concerns about traffic speeds and road safety on this street. In response, the Council has developed a number of proposals to make Royal College Street a safer place for everybody.

This leaflet sets out these proposals, and as a local resident, business or group, this is your opportunity to let us know what you think.

Our studies have shown that there is a higher than average number of accidents on the street. There have been 17 accidents on Royal College Street within a 3 year period up until February 2012. This includes 2 serious and 15 slight accidents. 15 of the accidents involved cyclists and 2 were pedestrians. The vast majority of the accidents occur at junctions with side roads and many involve cyclists heading southbound colliding with vehicles turning out of a side road. Our evidence suggests that drivers are not anticipating southbound cyclists as they turn onto Royal College Street.

Therefore we are proposing to move southbound cyclists to the opposite side of Royal College Street. This should significantly reduce these accidents.  Speed surveys have been undertaken along this street and the average traffic speed is 29.8 mph which is well in excess of the 20 mph speed limit. Therefore we are proposing to narrow the carriageway with parking bays and the new southbound cycle track. These proposals should help to encourage slower driving speeds making it safer and easier to cross the street. The changes would also protect southbound cyclists and make them more visible to drivers.

We are also proposing to remove the existing road humps (speed cushions) on Royal College Street as the narrowing of the carriageway should encourage slower driving speeds in these areas. Raised tables across all junctions will also ensure that speeds are reduced particularly where turning movements are possible.

What happens next

Thank you for taking the time to take part in the consultation, which closed in January 2013.  We will shortly provide an update on the progress of the next stages of the decision-making process. 


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