Domestic Solid Fuel Burning

Closed 31 Oct 2020

Opened 9 Jun 2020


Camden Council has committed to meeting World Health Organization air quality guidelines by 2030. To help us meet these targets we are trying to gain a better understanding of wood- and coal-burning in residential properties in Camden, as well as insight into Camden residents’ attitudes towards this activity.

We are keen to hear your views even if you do not burn wood or coal fuels in your home.

This survey will take around 5 minutes, and your participation is greatly appreciated.

What happens next

Did you know?

Solid fuel burning accounts for 38% of UK fine particulate (PM2.5). Exposure to this airborne pollutant can be very harmful to health, and even short-term exposure may exacerbate existing health conditions. To learn more about the health impact of air pollution and how you can help improve air quality in your home, please have a look at our guidance: Improving Indoor Air Quality: Advice for Homes.

Camden is a designated Smoke Control Area under the Clean Air Act 1993, to help protect the health of residents. In a Smoke Control Area, you can only burn the following fuels in a fireplace or wood burning stove, unless you are using an “exempt appliance”:

  • Anthracite, semi-anthracite
  • Gas
  • Low volatile steam coals and other ‘authorised fuels’

For a full list of authorised fuels please visit

Wood, wood chips and wood pellets are non-authorised fuels and can only be burned in appliances approved by the Secretary of State, which are known as ‘exempt appliances’.

A list of exempt appliances is available at   

To see what Camden is doing to improve air quality, please see Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan 2019-2022.


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