Reporting your carbon emissions (energy data) 2022

Closes 31 Mar 2023

Reporting your carbon emissions

By reporting your annual energy consumption, you will be contributing to this year’s CCA annual report, where we collectively disclose members’ carbon emissions and reductions.

Organisations submitting their annual energy consumption data will automatically be assessed for a CCA Carbon Certification.

To report your carbon emissions you need:

  1. your energy data for a whole year (calendar year 2021 or financial year 21/22). This includes electricity, gas and petrol/diesel (from your business's vehicle fleet)
  2. floor area of your business
  3. number of full-time employees

What are the Benefits?

Benchmarking – Understand your environmental performance and how you compare to businesses in Camden.

Reporting – Be part of the CCA annual carbon report and contribute to working towards the borough's ambition to be net zero carbon by 2030.

Branding and marketing – Use the certification to demonstrate your environmental credentials to your customers, staff and partners.

Guidance and support – Get advice on how you can improve your performance and have the opportunity to share your expertise and network with other local businesses.

Please note that some of the language within this form is focused towards businesses as this is the sector where the majority of responses are anticipated. The questions within are relevant for schools and third-sector organisations, and these groups are encouraged to respond. If you have issues with your submission, please contact


Are you ready to report your energy consumption data right now?