Proposed Zebra Crossing / Temporary Parking Relocation - Ferdinand Street NW1

Closed 1 Jun 2021

Opened 18 May 2021

Results updated 6 Apr 2022

During May/June 2021 we consulted on changes proposed for Ferdinand Street.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views. We had 16 responses and following the consultation, we have made the decision to implement the proposed changes as a trial. 

The new scheme on Ferdinand Street will be implemented in mid April 2022. You can read the decision reports relating to this, and our feedback to the consultation responses in the decision report. 



We want our streets to be safe spaces for you to walk and cycle, for children to get to and from school safely and healthily, for businesses to be able to flourish and for you to be breathing cleaner air.

We want your views on a proposal for a new zebra crossing outside the Harmood Children’s Centre on Ferdinand Street. This scheme is being brought forward as part of the Camden Town Low Emission Neighbourhood project and is funded by the Mayors Air Quality Fund. The proposed zebra crossing aims to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians, and improve road safety in the area.

Additionally, we are seeking your views on proposed temporary parking changes to provide standing capacity for the diverted number 27 bus service. The temporary diversion of this service is necessary to facilitate the redevelopment of the Chalk Farm Morrison’s site.

Why your views matter

The scheme proposes a new Zebra crossing outside the Harmood Children’s Centre that aims to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians and improve road safety in the area. The proposal will include the new built-out of the footways on both sides of the road that will:

  • Shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians; the crossing distance for pedestrians outside the Harmood Children’s Centre is currently over 12 metres from kerb line to kerb line with a pedestrian refuge island in the middle of the road. The proposed zebra crossing design reduces the crossing distance to 6.5 metres, nearly halving the total crossing distance, removing the need for a pedestrian refuge island.  Reducing the carriageway width can also have a traffic calming effect.
  • Add-in rain gardens (sustainable drainage and planting.
  • Add-in cycle parking for 6 to 8 bikes.

We are also consulting on the measures required to provide temporary standing space for the diverted 27 service to ensure that all residents and businesses in the area are aware of the proposed changes and the reasons for why these are necessary, and to provide an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes.   

Providing temporary standing capacity for the number 27 bus service will require the temporary relocation of 7 of the permit holder bays adjacent to the Denton estate. It is proposed that 6 of these are relocated to existing paid for bays to the immediate north and south of this location on Ferdinand Street. As part of the proposed changes, bus stop KS that serves the number 24 bus service will be reduced in length to create an additional permit holder bay. This will not have a detrimental impact on the service. An additional paid for bay will be provided at the northern end of Ferdinand Place to minimise the loss of paid for parking provision. There will be no net loss of resident parking provision

To view the plans and find out more about what each proposal would achieve, click on the links in the Related Section at the bottom of this page.

This is your opportunity to comment.

The Council will be pleased to hear your views on the proposals as well as any alternative suggestions or objections you may have to any aspect of what we are proposing.

Who is being consulted?

All properties located close to the proposals, local groups, statutory groups and ward councillors.

While it will not be possible to reply to you individually, all comments will be taken into account. At the end of this consultation period, officers will consider all responses received and write a report with recommendations. This report will be presented to the Director of Environment and Sustainability who will make a decision on whether or not to proceed with implementing the proposals.

What happens next

Your views, and those of everyone who contributes to this consultation, will be analysed and considered, alongside relevant data available on the scheme and in light of how the scheme aligns with our current policy objectives, in order to put forward recommendations on whether to proceed with the proposals. A summary of this analysis will be provided in the decision report, and will be made available on the Camden Council website in due course.

If you have any other ideas for improvements to make travel safer and healthier in this area, please go to Safe Travel Camden Map  to make some suggestions.


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