Goods Way Healthy Streets Consultation

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Closes 4 Aug 2024


First we need a few details about you,  before getting an understanding about how you are connected to this location.

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We want to improve road safety around Goods Way as well as the look and feel of the street as we know there are challenges and opportunities in this area including:

  • High numbers of pedestrians wanting to cross the road between Pancras Square and Granary Square and King’s Boulevard, leading to poor driver experience
  • Cycle lanes are not fully protected and stop and start
  • Not enough dockless bike and scooter hire parking facilities to meet the demand
  • We want to get more people who can walking and cycling locally
  • Poor air quality - local harmful NO2 levels are above the World Health Organisation guidelines

Our proposals around Goods Way include:

  • Converting the two existing zebra crossings into signalised crossings to make it clear who has priority, with generous crossing times for pedestrians  
  • Physically separated cycle lanes throughout Goods Way and cycle and pedestrian safety improvements at the York Way junction
  • New shared and micro-mobility hub on the western end of Goods Way, to include a dockless bike hire bay, sheltered cycle parking, cycle tools, plants and seating
  • Relocating the disabled bays to Camley Street near the Goods Way junction
  • New bus stop for the 63 (subject to approval from TfL)
  • Adding plants and trees throughout Goods Way (subject to further studies)
  • Making the eastern end of Goods Way one-way westbound for all motor vehicles, with cycles able to continue eastbound

visulisation of a pedestrian crossing at Goods Way with cycle parking

(Visualisation of the proposed changes: view from the western junction with Pancras Road)

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5. What is the main way you are connected to the proposed changes on Goods Way?
6. How do you usually travel around Goods Way?
7. Does your household own, or have available for use, a car or van?
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