Gospel Oak School Healthy School Street - Permanent arragements

Closed 13 Mar 2020

Opened 10 Feb 2020

Results updated 22 Apr 2020

The decision has been made by the Director of Regeneration and Planning to make the scheme permanent as detailed in the report.




We are consulting on the proposal to make the Healthy School Street (HSS) Scheme on Savernake Road, outside Gospel Oak Primary School, permanent. It has been operating as a trial since January 2019. The ‘detailed information’ document below (under 'related documents') outlines information and data collected during the trial period, including area-wide traffic reductions at the timed closure period, more children walking and cycling to Gospel Oak Primary School, and fewer children travelling by car.

Before the HSS scheme was in place the Council received complaints from Gospel Oak Primary School staff, and parents regarding Savernake Road and the safety issues that the large volumes of traffic there created at school opening and closing times. Camden’s Transport Strategy team gathered traffic data, which along with site visits confirmed that closing the road at school opening and closing times could be beneficial to the children of the school, and other vulnerable road users. Poor air quality was also raised as an issue for children attending the school, and subsequent air quality monitoring took place. A public consultation for a HSS scheme was then carried out in early 2018; details can be found in the related consultations link below.

Feedback during the Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) period

Feedback and suggestions regarding the scheme were received throughout the ETO period, from parents, school staff and local residents. These suggestions included making Savernake Road, or a section of it, one-way. Officers are actively considering this, in order to assess whether a separate proposal can come forward for consultation. It is, however, not included on this consultation due to further assessment (including traffic modelling) that is needed, and the time scales involved. The ETO for the Healthy School Street scheme can only be in place for a maximum of 18 months, and a review on whether to make the scheme permanent was committed to after 12 months from January 2019. The one-way working assessment will take longer than that period to complete.

The signage for the Healthy School Street scheme was also raised as a concern by some drivers, and school staff. As a result of this feedback, officers have reconsidered the signage and found it to be compliant with Department for Transport (DfT) regulations, and suitable for a scheme of this type. Camden’s Transport officers, along with other London Borough officers, have written to the DfT to request uniform signage for Healthy School Streets schemes nationally, however these have not yet been approved. If these are recommended by the DfT in future, officers will consider changing the signs if the scheme is made permanent.

Exemptions – As under the current trial arrangement, which is enforced using ANPR cameras, we will exempt residents’ vehicles with CA-B parking permits that are registered to properties within the restricted zone shown in yellow on the plan below. The following vehicles will also be exempt:

  • residents within the restricted zone that have off street parking
  • children at the school who need to be driven, due to mobility issues - the vehicles that bring them to/from school will be exempt
  • Blue Disabled Badge Holders resident within the restricted zone
  • Vehicles which are already parked in the restricted zone will be able to drive out, but not back in during the restricted times, unless they have applied for an exemption for any of the reasons stated above.

Deliveries – The restrictions would be for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, during school term time only. It is therefore suggested that deliveries such as online shopping orders can be scheduled for before/after the restricted hours.

Taxis – These will not be exempt and residents are encouraged to book taxis outside of the restricted hours, or walk to a pick up/drop off point outside the restricted area. If this is not possible due to reduced mobility for example, this will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Why your views matter

Following the previous consultation, in June 2018 a decision was made to implement a timed road closure on Savernake Road, creating a HSS for Gospel Oak Primary School. The closure is on Savernake Road, from the junction with Mansfield Road to the Rona Road junction. The timings are 8.30am to 9.30am and 3.00pm to 4.00pm Monday to Friday during school term time only. The scheme was launched as a ‘trial’ under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) in January 2019, with a review to take place after 12 months on whether or not to make the scheme permanent . This consultation follows that review, proposing to turn the current trial scheme into a permanent arrangement, keeping the days and times of the closure the same as detailed above.

A plan of the scheme is here

Who is being consulted?

All affected properties on Savernake Road and those side roads branching off Savernake Road (as shown as outlined in blue on the map). Ward Members, businesses, local and statutory groups will also be consulted.

While it may not be possible to reply to you individually, all comments will be taken into account. At the end of this consultation period, a report will be written analysing the comments received and officers’ recommendations. This report will be presented to the Director of Regeneration and Planning (Supporting Communities Directorate) who will make a decision whether or not to proceed with the scheme.

Under the Local Government Access to Information Act 1985, your consultation response will be available for inspection if required; however, your personal details will remain confidential. Please only write to us with matters associated with this consultation.

This is your opportunity to comment

The Council will be pleased to hear your views on the proposals we are consulting upon as well as any alternative suggestions or objections you may have to any aspect of the scheme.


Please submit your response to this consultation no later than 13.03.20 via one of the following three options below:

Option 1 Online: submit your response by answering a series of consultation questions and providing your comments in the online survey below

Option 2 Email: submit your response to: TransportConsultations@camden.gov.uk

Option 3 Post: submit your responses to the following free post address (no stamp required): Freepost LBC TRANSPORT STRATEGY

Please Note: If you are responding on behalf of an organisation only one reply will be accepted. You must give your full postal address when responding to this consultation if you want us to consider your views and note that we can only accept ONE reply per organisation or residence.


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  • Anyone from any background


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