Hampstead High Street Public Realm Improvements

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Closes 23 Jan 2019


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3. What is your organisation?

4. Do you agree with the proposal to change the number of westbound lanes on Hampstead High Street from one to two to increase capacity at the junction?

5. Do you agree with the proposal to change the zebra crossing on Hampstead High Street by Oriel Place to a signalised crossing to improve the efficiency of the junction and reduce congestion?

6. Do you agree with the proposal to introduce a new diagonal crossing across Heath Street?

7. Do you agree with the proposal to modify parking restrictions along Hampstead High Street to remove the pinch point that is contributing to congestion?

8. Do you have any suggestions about the proposals we are consulting upon? If you do, please provide information supporting your alternative suggestions and your reasons why you think these will work better. Please also let us know if there are any specific changes included in the questions above that you do not support, and provide the reasons why.