Heath Street Bus Stop Improvements

Closed 31 Aug 2018

Opened 13 Aug 2018


We are seeking your views on changes to the bus stop outside 1, 3 and 5 Heath Street to improve bus journey times and reliability.

All bus stops should include yellow ‘bus cage’ road markings to encourage motorists to keep the bus stop clear and guide the bus driver into the stop.  It is used to provide an unobstructed space for buses to manoeuvre into the stop, align themselves close to the kerb and manoeuvre safely back into traffic.  The bus stop outside 1, 3 and 5 Heath Street has no markings and is often used by delivery drivers as a place to service nearby businesses.  This prevents buses from being able to stop adjacent to the kerb, causing delays to bus services and making it difficult for passengers to board or alight the bus, particularly those with impaired mobility or young children.

Retaining the existing arrangement is not considered viable as bus services will continue to deteriorate and the stop will remain inconvenient to use.  We are therefore proposing to make changes to this bus stop that will help improve bus reliability along the route, while creating more footway space and loading provision within a busy part of the borough.

Why We Are Consulting

We are proposing to extend the width of the footway in front of 1, 3 and 5 Heath Street by approximately 2.0m to bring it in line with the adjacent parking bays and formalise the bus stop by installing a yellow bus cage marking.  This will allow buses to better align themselves with the kerb without needing additional space to manoeuvre into and out of the stop.  As less space is required for the bus to exit back into traffic, the length of the bus cage can be reduced which provides an opportunity to create a six metre length of loading provision in front of the stop. The proposed measures have been illustrated in further detail on the plan enclosed.

Consideration was given to installing a bus cage marking without widening the footway however to provide sufficient space for the bus to exit the stop after boarding, one parking bay would have had to have been removed.

This scheme is being fully funded by Transport for London as part of its Bus Priority Programme, if approved the above improvements are anticipated to be built in autumn 2018.


  • Hampstead Town


  • Anyone from any background


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