Proposed disabled bay outside Vale House, Vale of Health

Closed 13 Jun 2021

Opened 20 May 2021


The Council proposes to provide a new general disabled bay on Vale of Health, which will require the loss of 6.6m of resident permit holders parking (approx. 1 space). 

These proposals follow a request from a resident in The Gables who has met our criteria for a general disabled bay. General disabled parking bays are allocated to residents who have demonstrated a need to park close to their home, where existing bays are often occupied and less accessible.

Whilst Camden understand that it may sometimes be difficult for non-disabled residents to park their cars around the Vale of Health, it can be even more challenging for those with disabilities.  It is therefore important to provide this general disabled bay to help the resident to live an independent and active life in the local community.

What happens next

Following the completion of the public consultation a decision will be made by the Director of Environment and Sustainability on how to proceed.


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