Prowse Place and Wilmot Place Safe and Healthy Streets

Closed 5 Sep 2021

Opened 6 Aug 2021

Results updated 6 Apr 2022

In August 2021 we consulted on whether to make the trial changes on Prowse Place and Willmot Place permanent, as well as whether to introduce additional changes. to respond to feedback during the trial. We have now decided to make the following permanent changes:

  • Make the the motor vehicle traffic restrictions on Prowse Place and Wilmot Place permanent
  • Moving the existing zebra crossing closer to Wilmot Place and introduce a parallel zebra crossing
  • Make parking changes on St Pancras Way

We are also intending to trial two- way traffic on Jeffreys Street / Wilmot Place, between Prowse Place and St Pancras Way and trial a protected eastbound cycle lane between Royal College Street and St Pancras Way.

We intend to start construction on the permanent changes in May 2022. Details on how to respond to the forthcoming statutory consultation on the trial changes, on Jeffreys Street/ Wilmot Place, will be available on notices on local streets, in the Camden New Journal and on our website.



The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how communities in Camden live, travel and work. We want our streets to have more space for everyone to walk and cycle, for you to be breathing cleaner air, for children to get to and from school safely and for businesses to be able to flourish. Whether it’s an essential journey like taking your children to school, getting to work or just popping out to enjoy your local park we want you to love where you live, and to love Camden.

We know that this area is often used by motor vehicles making short cuts between Camden Street and Royal College Street/St Pancras Way. This was highlighted by local residents as an issue that would be heightened by TfL’s proposal for a banned left turn from Camden Street into Camden Road. In order to respond to this issue, we have prevented through traffic on Prowse Place, aiming to reduce the number of motor vehicles using this very narrow railway bridge underpass and to make those of streets bounded by Camden Road, Camden Street and Royal College Street into a Safe and Healthy Streets area. You can read more on the monitoring we have done on both schemes in the related documents section at the bottom of this page.

We also know from previous engagement with the local community and stakeholders from the Kentish Town Healthy Streets Project Commonplace map that there is a concern that Wilmot Place and Rochester Road are being used by motor vehicles to avoid the junction of St Pancras Way and Camden Road.

Why your views matter

We’ve been trialling changes on Prowse Place and Wilmot Place (west) to help make streets safer and healthier by preventing vehicles using local streets to cut through between main roads.

We are now consulting on making the trial changes permanent and in response to feedback on the schemes proposing the new measures in this area:

  • Make the existing motor vehicle traffic restriction on Prowse Place, near Bonny Street, permanent. The restriction would continue to be enforced using an Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera and relevant signage. Refuse and Emergency service vehicles are exempted from the restriction. Access to 4A-4D Prowse Place will also be enabled for motor vehicles.
  • New proposal: make Jeffreys St/ Wilmot Place, between Prowse Place and St Pancras Way, two-way formotor vehicles This would mitigate against the impact of the banned left turn from Camden Street to Camden Road, recently enforced by TfL, and reduce journey times for residents travelling southboundwho would like access Prowse Place and neighbouring streets.
  • Make the existing motor vehicle restriction on Wilmot Place, near the eastern side of the junction with St Pancras Way, permanent and turn the area bounded by St Pancras Way, Rochester Road and Camden Road into a Healthy and Safer Streets area. The restriction would continue to be enforced using bollards.
  • New proposal: improve the crossing on St Pancras Way by moving the existing zebra crossing closer to Wilmot Place and introducing a parallel zebra. This will create a safer and more direct route forpedestrians and cyclists travelling along Wilmot Place and crossing St Pancras Way.
  • New proposal: remove 6m of resident parking from St Pancras Way, to accommodate vehicles turninginto Wilmot Place from St Pancras Way. This would allow for safe turning movements of vehicles from St Pancras Way into Wilmot Place (westbound), while also providing cyclists with a safe area to wait whenturning right (southbound) from Wilmot Place into the cycle lane on St Pancras Way heading southbound.
  • New proposal: remove the existing westbound cycle lane on Wilmot Place and introduce a new protectedeastbound cycle lane between St Pancras Way and Royal College Street.

You can find out more on the changes we are proposing in the related documents at the bottom of this page.

What happens next

After the consultation a decision report, considering the consultation responses, relevant policies and other data/information will be produced and published online. If the changes are approved to be made permanent, the provisions of the Experimental Traffic Order would be made permanent. The plan overleaf shows the proposals for the permanent changes on Prowse Place and Wilmot Place as well as the new proposals.



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