South Crescent Streatery for outdoor dining

Closed 27 Jun 2022

Opened 6 Jun 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people in Camden live, travel and work. We want our streets to have more safe space for everyone to walk and cycle, for children to get to and from school safely and healthily, for businesses to be able to flourish, to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles and for you to be breathing cleaner air.  

To help, we have been making temporary changes across Camden in our Streateries Programme: Streateries change parking bays to spaces in the road for businesses to place tables and chairs for al fresco dining, protected by barriers. This means pedestrians, wheelchair and buggy users can pass safely on the pavement. 

We want to ensure that our streets support a strong recovery from the pandemic and provide a lasting legacy of greener, safer, healthier travel, places for people to spend time and enjoy, and the regeneration of our local town centres and High Streets.  To support this we are consulting on extending some of our existing Streateries for a further 18 months trial period to aid the recovery and long-term success of our town centres and High Streets.

High Streets play a crucial role in community life; they are places where residents, workers and visitors shop, work, socialise, and access culture and services. However, they have been facing a range of challenges in recent years with a shift away from traditional retail to online shopping, accelerated by the pandemic.  In response Camden has developed a Future High Streets programme  to support our high streets into a robust recovery but also reorientate them for a new future role so that they continue to add to community life. Streateries are essential for delivering this vision:  they help to revitalise streets, creating destinations for residents and visitors to meet, socialise and spend time, adding to street life and vibrancy, increasing footfall, and regenerating the wider local economy. 

Why your views matter

The Streatery on South Crescent was implemented as a temporary measure in May 2021 for an initial 18 months' period, to November 2022. We are now proposing to retain the scheme as a trial, using an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) for a further 18 months, to May 2024 (subject to the business securing a tables and chairs licence), and we want to know your views on this proposal:   

  • Keeping the existing Streatery outside No. 26 South Crescent.  This space was created from the removal of a section of double yellow lines (no parking at any time) to create a space in the road for outdoor dining protected by barriers.    

To view the plans and find out more about this proposal, click on the links in the Related Section at the bottom of this page.

We want to engage our local residents, businesses and stakeholders in changes happening on their streets and to know what you think about these  proposals.

What happens next

After the consultation, a decision report will be produced and published online via our website. Local residents and stakeholders will be notified of the outcome. The report will consider a broad range of information including consultation responses, feedback received during the current trial period, relevant policies and other data/information including any monitoring information collected during the recent trial period.

All of this information will be considered in making a recommendation in the report about whether to proceed with the Streatery on South Crescent for a further 18 months trial period.   


  • Bloomsbury


  • Anyone from any background


  • Transport and streets