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Closes 30 Apr 2021

Opened 30 Apr 2019


There are two projects which are happening at the Tybalds Estate which are part of the ‘Better Homes’ scheme. One is the External Works project and the other is the Heating Project at Springwater boiler house. This page will provide you with information on both of these projects.

Our commitment to resident engagement

We have recruited two Tybalds’ residents to act as ‘Resident Representatives (Reps)’. These residents will form Tybalds Works Group (TWG), which will liaise with the council about the work, on behalf of fellow residents on the estate. We will be contacting the rest of the estate soon to give details of how communication between the Rep’s and residents will work.

What is Better Homes?

Better Homes is our way to improve homes through good quality work that provides value for money. There are different types of projects depending on the work your home or estate needs. Sometimes we may need to carry out more than one project to get your home up to our Better Homes standard.

Since Better Homes started in April 2011, we have invested £246 million on Better Homes projects and between 2016 and 2020; we’re planning to invest a further £250 million into homes in the borough.

The External works project

Below is some information about the project, we will update this webpage with new information as the project progresses.

Will it affect me?

If you are a tenant, leaseholder or any other type of resident at the Tybalds estate then this project will affect you in some way. The project will be working specifically on these blocks below:

  • 1-50 Blemundsbury
  • 1-56 Babington
  • 1-62 Boswell
  • 1-56 Chancellors
  • 1-28 Falcon
  • 1-28 Richbell
  • 1-14 Springwater
  • 1-42 Windmill
  • Devonshire Court *

*Devonshire court was recently included in this project. Because of this, it may not appear in correspondence drafted before its inclusion.

What are you doing?

We have a ‘scope of works’ for the building, which means the blocks were surveyed by a building surveyor and a schedule of work created. This was reviewed by your Camden Contract manager. The scope is the current proposal for the works based on a ground level survey; with relevant access afforded to higher levels where possible. Once agreed this is tendered and thereafter we undertake statutory leaseholder consultation. Once on site a validation survey is undertaken to confirm that all works identified are necessary and any additional unforeseen works are picked up.

We will upload a PDF copy of the scope here when it has been finalised, which should be at the end of June.

Your Tenant and Resident Association (TRA) has seen the scope and been asked to comment on it. Both tenants and leaseholders can comment or ask questions about the scope. If you want to do that, the best way is to contact your Camden contract manager here:

Shamsul Alam - 0207 974 3349 or Shamsul.alam@camden.gov.uk

Why are you doing work?

External repairs are necessary to keep the building in good condition. A building survey has been carried out showing areas which need attention.

When will you start?

We intend to consult our leaseholders on the project in summer 2019. The leasehold consultation process will take approximately 6-8 weeks. If the process completes in this timeframe then we hope to begin works in autumn 2019. We will update you as we move through the stages of the project by writing to you and amending the information on this page.

The Heating Project at Springwater boiler house

The Mechanical and Electrical team are running this project. Some of the blocks at Tybalds estate have problems with their heating and hot water service.  This project aims to renew some of the old equipment in the plant room (boiler house), which will restore the service.

Will it affect me?

This project will refurbish the plant room at Springwater and Boswell and will only affect blocks connected to those plant rooms. Please see the list of blocks affected below:

  • Springwater
  • Falcon
  • Richbell
  • Windmill  
  • Boswell 

What are you doing?

The project aims to strip out the old plant rooms of boilers and associated equipment, and install new boilers. There will be no internal works to the flats, all the work will take place outside and in the plant room.

The Mechanical and Electrical team will also be assisting the Regeneration team with their project, by relocating some heating pipework in preparation for the new flats. It makes sense to do this work at the same time as we are working in the main plant room, but the cost of this work is not going to be included in the Springwater Heating Project.

Why are you doing work?

The boilers in Springwater plant room were made in 1989 and have reached the end of their serviceable lifespan. In September 2017 the boilers split which means the heating system is being maintained by temporary boilers. As this was only a temporary fix we need to put in a more permanent solution. Our engineers have advised that it is not economical to carry on repairing the old boilers, which means the best solution is to replace them with new boilers.

When will you start?

We intend to consult our leaseholders on the project in Summer 2019. The leasehold consultation process will take approximately 6-8 weeks. We will update you as we move through the stages of the project by writing to you and amending the information on this page.

Why We Are Consulting

I am a tenant

If you are a tenant, you do not receive a formal consultation notice in the same way as leaseholders. Instead, you will be involved in our engagement work so that your opinion is included. Our engagement work is usually letters about the work, meetings with you and/or your representatives and the provision of information like this website.

I am a leaseholder

Section 20 legislation states that we must consult you if the work we plan to carry out will cost more than £250.00 per contributing leaseholder. Once we have a scope of works, we will send this scope to a list of approved contractors who send in quotes for the work. This is called ‘tendering’ and we will write to tell you when we are going out to tender. When we have the quotes back we will send you a Section 20 Notice of Intention to do works and formal consultation will begin. There will be lots of information included in this notice and an officer will be assigned to the project to answer your questions. The Consultation Officers name and contact details will be provided when the consultation starts.

Upcoming  Events and Useful Documents

In the 'related' section below you will find details of upcoming events about the Better Homes projects.

There are also copies of letters you should have received from us about this work. You can save these documents on your computer or tablet if you have lost your paper copy. If we send out any more communication about this project we will add it here so that all the letters can be found in one place.

There are also some useful links to other projects at the Tybalds Estate and our main website.


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