Consultation on the future of Carlton and Rhyl primary schools

Closed 16 Nov 2020

Opened 28 Sep 2020


Camden Council, together with the Schools’ Governing Bodies, is seeking the views of parents/carers, staff, the local community and other interested parties on a proposal to merge Rhyl and Carlton primary schools.

Technically, this proposal would be achieved by the closure of Carlton Primary School as a legal entity, but in practice it would draw upon the strengths of both schools. The two schools would work together to form the merged school, with the Carlton site remaining open for a range of education and community uses.

The six-week public consultation provides information on the reasons for this proposal, as well as asking for your views about it. Please read the documents at the bottom of this page carefully and respond to our short questionnaire before the closing date of 16 November 2020.

We welcome your views on the proposal. The local authority will consider all the views put forward during the consultation period. A decision will be taken on whether to proceed with the statutory process to merge the schools at the Council’s Cabinet meeting on 16 December.

Please navigate through the questions using the 'continue' button. To go back use the 'first' button which will take you back to the first page. Do not use the browser's forward and back buttons as you may lose the complete sections. If you use the 'save and come back later' button you will be prompted for your email so you can be sent a link to continue the form at another time.

Any questions relating to personal information are entirely optional, and any information that you provide in response to this consultation will be processed in accordance with the GDPR. Information will only be used to inform this consultation and any personal information that could identify you will be kept for no more than one year after any decisions have been finalised. Please see the privacy notice at the bottom of the page for more information.


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