Easy questionnaire about changes to our day centres

Closed 9 Apr 2017

Opened 16 Jan 2017


What is this questionnaire about?
This questionnaire is about day centres
People who go to a day centre are given support to take part in a range of physical, educational and creative activities, which take place inside or outside the day centre 
We are asking about changes to the following day centres
• Kingsgate 
• Charlie Ratchford
• Raglan 
• Netherwood 
• Mayford 
• Peperfield
The Council has less money nowadays and so we need to decide which day centres we should continue to run and which we will need to re-locate
How you can tell us what you think about the changes that are being planned
You can click on the link below and fill in the online questionnaire
The consultation will run from 16 January 2017 until 9 April 2017
We will make our final decision in the summer of 2017
Why do we want to change our day centres?
There are 3 main reasons why we are looking at changing our day centres
1 - There are fewer people using day centres 
2 - Some day centres offer similar services to others  
3 - The cost of running day centres and the need to make savings
We want to know what you think about the changes to our day centres.  We will bear in mind what you tell us when we make our final decisions
What are the changes we want to make to day centres?
The Council wants to have 2 special centres in Camden
One of the centres will be at Kingsgate Resource Centre in Kilburn 
This centre will be for older people including those who need extra help or have dementia 
We want to have a fit for purpose building and a special integrated service bringing together staff and expertise from the current day centres 
We want to refurbish Kingsgate Resource Centre and relocate services from Raglan, Netherwood and Charlie Ratchford into a new integrated centre



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  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Disabled people
  • Service users


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