Market Testing – Mental Health Day Opportunities and Floating Support

Closed 21 Dec 2017

Opened 24 Nov 2017


Camden Council is reviewing the approved provider list for mental health day opportunities and floating support. Following this review, the Council wishes to commission a strength-based, recovery focused service that complements the existing mental health pathways and services.  

Please complete the attached questionnaire titled " MH Day Ops and Floating Support Market Questionnaire.doc£(this is a word document which is a separate attachment  and can be found in the "Related Documents" section below)


Why We Are Consulting


The Services

Day opportunities includes adverse range of workshops, activities and face-to-face or group sessions that seek to further someone’s recovery journey (e.g. through creative expression in music or art).

Floating support typically offers one-to-one support for people to live independently, particularly in maintaining a tenancy, managing bills and payments, becoming more socially included and pursuing recovery goals such as employment or further education.  

Servies will help people achieve the following outcomes:

  • I am able to take part in meaningful activities that promote wellbeing, such as education, training, volunteering and employment
  • I am able to access targeted help when I need it to improve my mental and physical wellbeing and strengthen my recovery
  • I know how to manage my own health better and how to get support when I need it
  • Day Opportunities support reduces demand for statutory care and promotes equality for all of Camden’s communities

Day opportunities and floating support have been contracted separately in the past but the intention is to look at a flexible support model that has elements of both. What this looks like and how it works can be explored further in the questionnaire.


Market testing

The Council wishes to undertake soft market testing on this proposed commissioning process and therefore would welcome the views of providers on the questions set out below.

Interested parties will not be prejudiced by any response or failure to respond to this soft market testing and a response to this notice does not guarantee any invitation to participate in any future public procurement process that the Council may conduct.

This notice does not constitute a call for competition to procure any services for the Council and the Council is not bound to accept any proposals offered. The Council is not liable for any costs, fees or expenses incurred by any party participating in the soft market testing exercise. Any procurement of any services by the Council in due course will be carried out strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and the Public Contracts (Amendment) Regulations 2009 No. 2992.

Any responses provided will not be treated as commercially confidential and may be used by the Council in the final service specifications used for the contracts, but no organisation will be individually identified.

We would like to receive feedback on the following areas (see questions in section five) and any other comments that you may have. Organisations will have the opportunity to ask clarification questions on the specification once the procurement process is underway.

Following this market testing exercise the Council expects to run a commissioning exercise with the following key stages (although timescales have not been finalised as yet, so dates may change):




Review of the current model and engagement with market and residence

Nov 2017 to Feb 2018

Tender advert released

March 2018

Deadline for tender

May 2018

Presentation and negotiation period

Early June 2018

Final tender deadline

Late June 2018

Contract award

August 2018

Commencement Date of Contract

October 2018

Please complete the attached questionnaire titled " MH Day Ops and Floating Support Market Questionnaire.doc" (in a word document format in the Related Documents Section below ) and then return via email to



What Happens Next


This market testing questionnaire titled " MH Day Ops and Floating Support Market Questionnaire.doc" (see attached form above in the "Related Documents" section) forms part of the development of new service(s). We may contact individuals/organisations that complete the questionnaire. If you do not wish to be contacted please let us know


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Community and living
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Leisure
  • Policing and public safety
  • Social care and health