Adelaide Road - Proposed signalised pedestrian crossing

Closed 23 Nov 2012

Opened 24 Oct 2012

Feedback updated 8 Jan 2014

We asked

In October - November 2012, we distributed approximately 717 leaflets to residents and businesses within the consultation area, local groups, statutory groups, and Ward Members to ask them their views on the proposal to introduce a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Adelaide Road, between Avenue Road and Winchester Road, to help cope with the increased numbers of pedestrians needing to cross Adelaide Road once the rebuilt Swiss Cottage Schools have been opened; currently planned for January 2013.

You said

Analysis of the feedback received from local residents living in the south side of Adelaide Road indicated support for the proposed scheme.

We did

In January 2013, a decision was approved by the Cabinet to: - Construct a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Adelaide Road between Avenue Road and Winchester Road to aid pedestrian movements to and from the rebuilt Swiss Cottage School. - Relocate the westbound bus stop approximately six metres east to accommodate the new crossing. - Remove three Pay & Display and two Car Club bays on the north side and replace with zigzags required for the new signalised pedestrian crossing.

Results updated 23 Jul 2013

Information on the outcome of this consultation can be found here -



We are seeking your views on proposals to implement a new signalised pedestrian crossing on Adelaide Road, between Avenue Road and Winchester Road, to aid students and staff travelling to the rebuilt Swiss Cottage School, which is being constructed as part of Camden’s Building Schools for Future initiative.

An assessment has been made of the existing pedestrian crossing facilities on Adelaide Road close to the school, and it has demonstrated that they are not sufficient to safely accommodate the predicted numbers of pedestrians that will cross here once the school has opened fully. We are therefore proposing to construct a new signalised pelican crossing facility on Adelaide Road, between Avenue Road and Winchester Road, close to the proposed entrance to the new school grounds.   This is in conjunction with improving the pedestrian facilities and adding “countdown” at the junction of Adelaide Road with Winchester Road, where Transport for London will be upgrading the signals.  “Countdown” is a modern addition to signal crossings where the number of seconds a pedestrian has left cross the road is displayed next to the green man.  It is currently in place outside Oxford Street and Holborn tube stations.

To facilitate this new pelican crossing which will operate with a push button system, the existing 3 Pay & Display parking bays and 2 Car Club bays located on Adelaide Road outside the Leisure Centre will need to be removed. Unfortunately due to the parking demand in the area, we cannot find any space to relocate the bays. The footway beside the new school on the south side of Adelaide Road will also be widened to narrow the crossing distance of the new facility and increase the space available for pedestrians waiting close to the new school entrance. 


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