Pedestrian Crossing, Bus Reliability and Pavement Improvements on Gray’s Inn Road

Closed 8 Jan 2016

Opened 26 Nov 2015

Results updated 22 Sep 2016

Farringdon Report & Farringdon Appendix 2



Pedestrian Crossings

To address the traffic collisions and predicted increase in pedestrian numbers, the Council is proposing to narrow the road and raise it to pavement level at all existing zebra crossings and pedestrian islands along Grays Inn Road.

Bus Reliability Improvements

Double yellow lines (DYL) with no loading at any time restrictions are being proposed at the approach and exit of all bus stops on Gray’s Inn Road [except those on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN)].

Junction, Cycle Parking and Pavement Improvements 

At all junctions with Gray's Inn Road, we are proposing to convert 10 metres of single yellow line (SYL) to double yellow line (DYL) with no loading at any time restrictions. We are also proposing to widen a portion of the pavement along the eastern side of Gray's Inn Road between junctions with Ampton Street and Calthorpe Street



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