Public Consultation – Proposed Walking and Cycling Improvements Pancras Rd Rail Bridge/ Goods Way/ Camley St & Pancras Rd/ Midland Rd Junctions

Closed 29 Aug 2014

Opened 21 Jul 2014



A large part of Camden Council is moving this summer into a new building at 5 Pancras Square, King’s Cross. Apart from Council offices, the new building will also house a leisure centre and library, both of which will be available to the public. This building together with other developments in the vicinity are expected to attract a high volume of employees and visitors.

We want to improve the area for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transport who will travel to and from the new buildings at Kings Cross. Improvements will also benefit those accessing St Pancras International Station, National Rail and London underground stations at Kings Cross.

Our proposals are aimed to improve the public realm around key junctions in the area. This is in order to meet the demands of increased pedestrian and cyclists numbers expected once all the buildings in the Kings Cross development are completed.

These proposals would also benefit the Central London Cycle Grid. This is an initiative driven by the Mayor of London and London Boroughs to deliver a network of cycle routes through Central London.

The routes and crossings should also make it safer and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists in this area.

We are proposing improvements to Pancras Rd Rail Bridge / Goods Way / Camley Street junction; Pancras Road / Midland Road junction and the area under rail bridge between these two junctions. July 2014

Scheme Ref: TS/DT/DB/goods way juncts- 2TS1201F

These improvements are described below:

Pancras Rd Rail Bridge / Goods Way / Camley St Junction

We want to improve this junction for pedestrians and cyclists as it is directly outside the new Council offices and near other new developments. Currently there are only two dedicated pedestrian crossings at the junction (on the northern and eastern arms) with no crossings on the southern and western arms. The proposals include providing new pedestrian crossings across the southern arm on Pancras Road (south) and on the western arm under the railway bridge. Also we want to widen existing pedestrian crossings at this junction.

We propose widening the pavement immediately in front of the new building at 5 St Pancras Square and on the opposite side on Pancras Road (south). We are also looking to provide (subject to Department for Transport (DfT) approval) separate low level signals for cyclists. This will allow cyclists on Pancras Road (south) to turn left safely separate from motor traffic and access the road under the bridge. The

proposal also provides for a cycle feeder lane on Camley St on approach to the junction.

Under the railway bridge

In order to provide cyclists with a safe passage under the railway bridge we are proposing the introduction of a lightly segregated cycle lane in the westbound direction. The light segregation would be created by using small rubber blocks or “armadillos” that would be installed onto the road surface (as used on the nearby Royal College Street). We also propose to introduce a central cycle lane in the eastbound direction and to widen the narrow pavements on both sides under the bridge.

Pancras Road / Midland Road Junction

Currently this junction does not allow pedestrians to cross the eastern and southern arms of the junction and travel onward to the new developments in King’s Cross and St Pancras International station. The proposals include providing pedestrian crossings across the southern and eastern arms of the junction.

We are also seeking to improve conditions for cyclists at the junction and have been discussing various ways we can do this with Camden Cycling Campaign.

In the southbound direction, we are proposing to improve cycling on approach to the junction by retaining the central feeder lane and allowing cyclists to exit the junction before general traffic by way of specialist traffic signals (advance start). These signals are also subject to DfT approval.

A new cycle lane will be provided on the southbound exit to the junction. This will allow cyclists to rejoin the traffic lane where the bus stand is positioned on Midland Road. This will result in the removal of a short section of bus lane; however we are retaining the bus stand and bus stop outside the International Station.

In the northbound direction, we are proposing a fully segregated contraflow cycle lane from Brill Place to the junction. This will require the removal of the northbound traffic lane between Brill Place and the junction (currently out of use due to construction works). Under the railway bridge in the eastbound approach to the junction, we are proposing (as above) to allow cyclists to exit the junction before general traffic (advance start).

The changes proposed especially improvements to pedestrian movement are only achievable by making changes to taxi rank leading to International Station. The taxi rank from Pancras Road (south) to the Midland Road junction (under the bridge) will be removed; however the rank on Midland Road will be retained. Whilst the dedicated rank under the bridge will be removed, taxis will now be able to join the rank from both Pancras Road (north) and from Euston Rd / Pancras Rd (south) via general traffic lanes.

The taxi rank and footway under the bridge is within railway (HS1 Ltd.) land and our proposals will require a change of use of their property. This will, as explained above, involve the conversion of the taxi rank to footway. We have discussed our proposals with them and they have not raised objections. We are working with them to ensure that access to the station by foot, coach and taxi is retained and delivery is not impacted.


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