Partial review of Camden’s Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule

Closed 2 Dec 2019

Opened 18 Oct 2019


The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a standard charge collected from developers on a rate per sqm basis after their planning permissions have been implemented and the funds raised are spent on infrastructure or to support the development of an area. It is proposed to increase the rates for offices, research and development, and hotel uses in Central London and adjust the rates for other uses in line with building cost inflation.

Why your views matter

Government legislation sets out that before Camden can change its CIL rates it needs to present its proposals to an Examination in Public before an independent inspector. The public consultation is the first part of this process.

What happens next

Camden will consider your comments and may amend its proposals in the light of any views expressed or evidence presented. Any comments received together with Camden CIL proposals will be presented to an Examination in Public by an independent Examiner in line with procedures set out in the CIL regulations.


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