Mary Green Management

Closed 19 May 2019

Opened 8 Apr 2019


The council’s own in-house staff and contractors currently deliver caretaking, cleaning, repairs and tenancy management services to Mary Green.

The Abbey Road Housing Co-Operative, a Tenant Managed Organisation (TMO), currently manages your neighbouring blocks, Snowman and Casterbridge on behalf of the council, as well as Emminster, Hinstock and the three new blocks for social rent on Abbey Cross.

The Abbey Road Housing Co-operative has requested permission to manage your services on our behalf.

As this affects the future management of your block, it is really important that you have enough information to have your say. We held an Open General Meeting on Wednesday 27 February for you to find out more about the TMO’s proposal, and the pros and cons of services being managed by the TMO or by the council. Presentations about the Council’s and the TMO’s offers are available at the bottom of this page.

Before the council decides whether their request can be supported, we want to hear from you.


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