Camden Rd hostel redevelopment

Closed 30 Jul 2020

Opened 17 Jun 2020

Feedback expected 3 Aug 2020

Results Updated 28 Jul 2020

The respnse documents follows an online consultation event on the Stage 2 designs for the temporary acommodation st 248-250 Camden Road. The consultation was held before a planning application submission, possibly at the end of July or beginning of August 2020.



Camden is proposing to redevelop the existing hostel accommodation at 248-250 Camden Rd so that it can accommodate families.

Why We Are Consulting

The proposals have been discussed at a public event in June, and this document provides feedback on the response from the design team to the comments received.

Once the planning application is submitted and validated, further comments can be made to the Local Planning Authority through the planning portal (link below)

What Happens Next

Once a planning application is made, the Local Planning Authority will carry out a statutory consultation. Following the consultation, a report is written which will make a recommendation about whether the application should be approved. The report will then be considered at a meeting of the planning committee, and a decision taken.


  • Cantelowes


  • Anyone from any background


  • Housing