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Closes 31 Dec 2024

Opened 12 Feb 2019


Latest News - February 2023

27 February 2023: Consultation on suspension of three parking places

The Planning department have told us that three on-street parking places - one in Boswell Street and two in New North Street - must be suspended so that construction delivery vehicles can access the sites safely.

To find out more, download the 'TTR parking bay suspension letter' from the 'Related' section at the bottom of this page. Please send any comments on this to adam.oakley@quinnlondon.co.uk by 12 March 2023.

An amended version of the 'Draft Consruction Management Plan (Version 3)' incorporating the changes relating to vehicle access and parking suspension is also available from the 'Related' section below. Please send any comments to adam.oakley@quinnlondon.co.uk by 12 March 2023.


January 2023 -Tybalds regeneration newsletter 

The latest Tybalds regeneration newsletter is available as a download from the 'Related' section at the bottom of this page. Printed copies of the newsletter have been delivered to all housholds on the estate and to the surrounding wider community.


January 2023: Consultation on the Construction Management Plan (CMP) for Phase One of Tybalds Regeneration 

After years of design work, the contractor Quinn London Ltd is scheduled to begin construction on Phase One of the Tybalds regeneration programme on 13 March 2023! 

A Consultation on the draft Construction Management Plan for Phase One of the Tybalds regeneration programme ran from 6 - 20 January 2023. Thank you to all the Tybalds residents and local people who commented on the CMP draft.. 

We have now submitted the CMP to the Planning Department for approval. They are liaising with Quinn London to finalise details of deliveries and vehicle access.

What is a Construction Management Plan (CMP)?

The CMP for Tybalds regeneration is an important document. It includes details of how building works will be organised and how the impact of construction on local residents and organisations will be minimised, such as eg. the site set-up, hours of work, noise and air quality monitoring and liaison with residents, local organisations and other local contractors. 

Where can I read the draft CMP?

The CMP Consultation drafts and appendices are available as downloads from the 'Related' section at the bottom of this page. 

More information about Construction Management Plans in Camden: https://www.camden.gov.uk/about-construction-management-plans 

Join the Tybalds Regeneration Construction Working Group?

If you would like to join the new Tybalds Regeneration Construction Working Group, please email tybaldsdevelopment@camden.gov.uk

The group will facilitate communications between residents and the contractors to ensure that the needs of local people are met and any disruption is minimised during the construction period.


Contractor moving Richbell heating pipework - a preliminary to converting the ground floor spaces into new homes - September 2022

An indicative timescale for Phase One of Tybalds regeneration

(All dates may be subject to change)

Aug -Dec 2022   Preparations for construction: moving water pipes; soil and asbestos testing
December 2022 Appointment of main contractor
6-20 Jan 2023 CMP consultation with residents and other local stakeholders
17 January 2023 CMP consultation Drop-In event at Blemundsbury RA Hall, 2-7pm
Late-Jan 2023 Submit CMP to Planning team for approval
March 2023 Construction starting on site at Blemundsbury, Falcon and Richbell
Spring 2024   Estimated completion of Phase One works


What will happen next?

The regeneration programme is divided into two phases. Phase One of the regeneration programme will include:

  • Construction of ten ‘underbuild’ social housing flats by converting existing ground floor spaces in Blemundsbury (5), Falcon (3) and Richbell (2). Six of these new flats will be wheelchair-living homes
  • Landscaping and construction of wheelchair-compliant ramp access on the north side of Blemundsbury
  • Fit-out for a caretaker’s mess room on the ground floor of Springwater
  • Landscaping of Richbell and Falcon courtyards and Blemundsbury north.

Phase Two will comprise:

  • Block C – 6 flats for social rent 3x2bed and 3x3bed
  • Purpose built TRA Hall
  • Tybalds Square landscape
  • Ramps to Babington Court and Chancellors Court
  • Block B – 18 flats for private sale
  • Block D – 12 flats:  7 for social rent and 5 for intermediate rent

What is included in the Tybalds estate regeneration programme?

Key aspects of the Tybalds regeneration programme are:

  • 56 new homes, including 50% affordable housing, comprising: 16 homes for Camden social rent and 12 affordable homes delivered by a housing association.
  • 28 new-build homes and up to two plots of land to be sold on an outright basis to fund the redevelopment scheme
  • New landscaping across the estate including significant landscaping improvements to Tybalds Square
  • Improved access to some existing blocks
  • A purpose-built community centre facing Tybalds Square with two hall spaces
  • No one will have to move out of their home during the construction period.
  • A Local lettings plan which will initially ring-fence new rented homes for Tybalds residents using Camden's choice-based lettings priorities and vacated flats will also be ringfenced for Tybalds tenants including homes vacated by residents qualifying for the wheelchair accessible flats.


A new Tybalds Regeneration Project Archive page!

To make this Information page easier to navigate, we are gradually relocating key older documents and newsletter downloads from the Tybalds regeneration project to a new Tybalds Regeneration Archive Page. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the 'Related' section below, please visit this Archive page.


Local Lettings for the new social rent homes

As part of the Tybalds Local Lettings Plan, all the new social rent homes will be initially ring fenced for Tybalds Council tenants and allocated using the points system of Camden’s Choice-based lettings scheme.

To be able to bid for one of these new homes, residents need to register on the Camden Housing Register as soon as possible. To apply to join the register, visit: www.camden.gov.uk/apply-council-housing

A copy of the Tybalds Local Lettings Plan can be downloaded from the 'Related' section at the bottom of this page.


Some milestones in development of the current Tybalds regeneration programme

2017 Previous plans for Tybalds regeneration were cancelled due to lack of financial viability.

January 2019+: Camden Council’s Community Investment Programme development team began working with estate residents, the Tybalds Residents Association, the wider local community and the Green Space and Environmental Services teams to develop proposals to deliver new homes and landscaping improvements on the Tybalds estate additional to the Better Homes programme of repairs and renewals. As a result of feedback from residents, significant changes have been made to the original 2019 regeneration proposals. 

25 Feb – 30 June 2020:  A formal consultation invited all Tybalds residents and stakeholders from the wider Holborn and Bloomsbury community to examine and comment on the latest design and landscaping proposals for regeneration.  Please visit the Tybalds regeneration - Formal consultation page for more information about the formal consultation. 

24 March 2021: Camden Cabinet approval to proceed received.

2 Aug 2021: Application for planning permission submitted. Application reference: 2021/3580/P can be viewed through the Camden Planning web portal - https://planningrecords.camden.gov.uk.  

2 Aug – 14 Dec 2021 Formal public Planning Department consultation

14 Sept 2021: Tybalds Regeneration Exhibition in Blemundsbury community hall. The exhibition boards from this pop-up exhibition are available as downloads in the 'Related' section below. They showcase the designs for the Tybalds Estate regeneration scheme.

17 Feb 2022: Planning application approved by Camden Planning Committee.

View of Tybalds Square and the new 'Block C' with new community centre on the ground floor (Computer generated image)


Other Camden Council work to improve the Tybalds estate

The 'Better Homes' programme of repairs and renewals on the Tybalds estate began in August 2021. For more information, please visit:  https://www.camden.gov.uk/better-homes-tybalds

Camden's Green Space Team completed refurbishment of the Alf Barrett play space in Spring 2022.

Boiler replacement works managed by the Mechanical and Electrical team (M&E) were completed in Winter 2021.


How can I contact the Camden regeneration development team?

Please email queries, ideas and comments about the Tybalds regeneration programme to our project inbox: tybaldsdevelopment@camden.gov.uk

or contact:

Block B from Orde Hall Street CGI image

Block B from Orde Hall Street (Computer generated image)

Download the latest updated regeneration proposals in the 'Related' section below


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