Tybalds regeneration programme

Closes 31 Jul 2019

Opened 12 Feb 2019


The latest proposals - 2 April 2019

Camden Council’s Regeneration team are working with the Green Space and Environmental Services teams to develop proposals to deliver new homes and landscaping improvements on the Tybalds estate additional to the proposed Better Homes programme repairs.

We received lots of comments and feedback from residents on the initial proposals which we showed at the Drop-In event on 21 January 2019. As a result of this feedback we have made some significant changes to the proposals, eg:

  • Oliver Twist Court
    You said: “Concerned by Oliver Twist Court – Too close to Blemundsbury”.
    We did: Early plans for Oliver Twist Court, a new block in front of Blemundsbury have been altered following comments from residents that this would make the lower floors of Blemundsbury feel cramped and overshadowed. We have instead proposed blocks at either end, preserving the open aspect of Blemundsbury.
  • Devonshire Court lift
    You said: “The maisonettes on the 2nd floor are three bedroom family homes, so a lift would have been a plus for young families with prams and buggies.”
    We did: We have responded to comments explaining the need for a lift for Devonshire by asking the architect to examine designing in this feature in an affordable way.

The latest proposals are summarised in the 2 April 2019 Tybalds regeneration updated proposals plan which you can download in the 'Related' section below.

We are consulting estate residents and local people to develop the regeneration and new homes proposals prior to submitting a planning application. This will include drop in and information events on the estate and close collaboration with the Tybalds Residents Association.  We will remain in touch throughout the programme.

Please send us your ideas and comments about the Tybalds regeneration programme by email to tybaldsdevelopment@camden.gov.uk



Download the latest updated regeneration proposals in the 'Related' section below


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